Flowers in Vienna

in vienna •  14 days ago  (edited)

This week I chanted every morning in parks of Vienna. I sang the Saraswati mantra to the swans and moon mantra to ducks, crows, black thrushes and pigeons. I chanted to trees and flowers as well as to every living being.

Here are some beauties I met during my chanting journeys in Stadtpark in Vienna:



And here are my lovely colorful friends from Oberlaa park:




The „Star-seeds“ meeting on green bush:


The „red carrot“ absorbs vitamin d3 on the green carpet:


Gamma 5D photon light rays entered the quantum field of flowers:


I love cuddling between my nose and flowers. These beauties were especially pleasant for this ritual:




Under this magical Japanese tree I found the perfect place to meditate 🧘‍♀️:


Vienna you are magical! Thank you for all moments of happiness and for all your beauties 🌺

I‘m so grateful for everything I experience here 🙏

Be gentle with Vienna and guard „her“. „She“ gives us so much love, we should appreciate that and keep HER healthy 🤍

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I love your eyes for so much beauty

Beauty is everywhere 🙏

We just need to open our heart to see it 🤍🤗👁

You only have to LOOK to see it. Beauty is EVERYWHERE but where is my heart :) maybe on holidays....

We will find a way to get your heart back home🤍 together 🤗🕉☀️🌺

These photos are so beautiful :) :) thanks for sharing with us

!discovery 25

It's my pleasure 🥰 Thank you 😊

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