BitCoin To The Rekt Side Of The Moon

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Bitcoin To The Moon?



OMG, would you look at BitCoin go! Many altcoins have also responded and even out-performed BTC so far. Shout out the $ETH and $ETC, mind you Bitcoin has since done 13%+. I'm looking at the chart and it looks like there's a massive whale trying not to move the market too much, but someone is buying up a LOT of Bitcoin. The pattern of the green candles leads me to believe it's the same person/entity. Maybe even a government?

If this carries on for a while, this may well be the one that takes us to the new ATH. Exciting times.

Anyhow, there is one thing I'm a bit weary of. We were in this kind of mode just before the news of global lockdowns hit, sending the price back to earth. Now with the impending doom of the likelihood of some European countries going back into lockdown, a.k.a. "Lockdown2", there is the potential for the price falling back down again. Even crashing. I see a lot of FOMO buying going on right now, and unless you're going to be HODLing for a while, then to me it's pretty risky to buy now. We are in very dangerous trading territory.

#notFinancialAdvice / What do I know?

More interesting to me is how Hive will respond to a Bitcoin ATH. There is very much the potential of it going to $10 quite easily. Now that would be a LOT more interesting than probably anything Bitcoin can do.

Peace & Love,


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Another timely post ... some technical analysis tools are already backing up what you are saying here!

I am actually not putting any extra money at this time ... I just had a feeling it was not the right time to do that, and I have stop losses in on Bitcoin and on Cardano, which actually should be more interesting through September PROVIDED its hard fork goes well on Wednesday.

But Hive is where I am putting most of my energy ... already, the rise in Bitcoin is affecting Hive prices to the upside if only by a cent or two. To me it does not matter all that much. Every day I come and do my work, and increasingly I am spreading the Hive I have now around the Hive ecosystem to increase my own holdings in a self-sustainable way at its present value. @tipu and NFT Showroom are extremely powerful applications in that respect. At the same time, I am creating enough content to bring it back out into fiat world and monetize it there too ... so, Hive, NOW, does for me what no other crypto can. Don't let Hive mess up and go to even $1, much less $10... but I said all that to say that Hive ALREADY is the best investment ...

What a great comment, thanks. I've had a look at NFT Showroom the other day and I like the idea a lot. I hope this really takes off! When web3.0 really lands, it could be the premier place to buy and sell digital art on the Internet!

Funny thing about the video, it's got a couple of dislikes before likes on YouTube haha.

Nobody wants to hear the real news, my friend ... very few of the Youtubers who talk crypto are pointing up the technicals that say EXACTLY what you are saying about Bitcoin. The TD Sequential is now flashing red again, and RARELY does Bitcoin ignore the TD Sequential's signals to buy or sell -- the green buy signal set off this rally. The red one ... well, guess what? But nobody wants to hear it.

Cardano? Probably good through Wednesday. If the hard fork comes out right, great, there won't be a HUGE drop... but folks that rode up from 2 cents to however high it gets (12-16 cents, probably) will likely be in the mood to take profits between there and when the stake pools open on August 18. But nobody wants to hear that either -- everybody wants to talk about 20-30 cents or even a dollar ... never mind that Bitcoin's rise means that Cardano likely will not be able to get the market share to support a dollar just now. 30 cents? Maybe. But there is plenty of room to get rekt for those coming in at 13 cents... and let's not even talk about what happens if Cardano's hard fork has an HF21 moment... the whole project could be REKT in terms of market confidence, although it is a good project.

Not only that: you are right about the shape of the moves in Bitcoin. I compared it with Hive's initial 13-week pattern of that huge powerdown every Monday ... a very similar pattern just upside-down, a big move made by a few players at regular intervals.

But the hopium is too strong ... nobody wants to hear all that!

More interesting to me is how Hive will respond to a Bitcoin ATH. There is very much the potential of it going to $10 quite easily.

2020 is the year of Hive

I believe it!!

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Agree with you!πŸ‘Š

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$10 is a good number. I'd be happy with $5 πŸ’΅

i like a good round number :)

I had some further thoughts and ended up doing a supplementary video -- what you said about the potential of Bitcoin having an ATH and the potential effects on Hive were worth some thought and math ...

Simple Math on Hive vs. Bitcoin

If the stock market crashes again we might see a dip in crypto. But BTC seems to have broken out of its multi-year triangle - to the upside. In the next year or so, the halvening will start taking effect. If the past is any guide, I think we'll be looking at the end of the bear market and a slow accumulation phase that ends in the next parabolic topping out perhaps about 18 months from now.

Dollar cost averaging in is the right way to proceed in my opinion. Trying to figure out the best moment to buy is just too damn difficult because I'm not a TA expert or a trader. Just dollar cost average by making purchases at regular intervals. When the craziness starts the buying must stop and an exit strategy must be in place in preparation of that.

Dollar cost averaging in is the right way to proceed in my opinion.


$10 sounds a bit unrealistic atm but surely hoping for the best.