The Media Framing of BLM Protests Vs Beach Gatherings & Football Celebrations

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It shouldn't have escaped anyone's attention that as the UK eases it's lockdown measures we have recently seen a number of circumstances whereby large gatherings have occurred. Notably the BLM protests in reaction to police brutality in the US. More recently large attendances on beaches, and even more recently Liverpool FC football supporters celebrating the victory in the Premiere League. Here we have a look at the differences in the framing of each case in respect of the media reporting.

BLM Protest in Manchester, UK.

People have been very critical of my commentary on this topic via social media platforms. The point I'm trying to express is that if the "pandemic" is a reality, and the media/government condemn one gathering (beach gatherings and football celebrations) and support another (BLM protests), then it flies in the face of the "pandemic" narrative. Unless of course the virus is incredibly intelligent and eradicates itself when convenient for the establishment.

Liverpool supporters descend on the City to celebrate their Premiere League victory.

It's somewhat understandable that the media and establishment consider the BLM "activism" more of a sensitive subject in respect of directing criticism towards the protests themselves, but the problem here is that they went a step further and actively promoted "activism" during this time and made no real mention of the supposed issues involved with a mass gathering and the ensuing violence, demolition of buildings and vandalising monuments in the context of the "pandemic". That wasn't all, they decided to turn to the "experts" in order to validate for the herd that these gatherings are not an issue during the "pandemic", and even that the BLM protests need to be supported because "institutional racism" is a larger issue than the virus. Pretty incredible stuff, and should set some alarm bells off for most people when a government support a movement and mass gathering when ordinarily, if this was an anti-war movement for example, it would be roundly trounced (or simply shut down and not covered) in the media. Perhaps it was convenient for the government to have the attention, at least for a while, taken away from their illegal lockdown measures, and instead attempt to turn the public against each other as part of some sort of faux race-war. A tactic that never fails to work, let's call it a "soft spot" within the fabric of society.

Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 14.33.25.png

"Protests have been called ‘dangerous’ by chief medical officer, but research shows racism can be as deadly as coronavirus" via Guardian

Gatherings on Bournemouth beach on one of the hottest days of the year.

Turning to the beach gatherings. The media issued a "BREAKING NEWS" announcement one morning, and announced an "EMERGENCY SITUATION" as Bournemouth beach filled up with people on one of the hottest days of the year.

"Major incident declared in Bournemouth as thousands of people flock to beaches."
"The council says it is "absolutely appalled" at the scenes, after a local MP said the crowds were the worst he has seen."
via Sky News

I attended the beach too, (i'm not concerned with social distancing, but respect that most other people are) and as you would expect on the beach people were in their groups and are "safely distanced" as you would see at the beach at ANY other time. So which would be considered more "risky", a race-war in London, or a family trip to the beach? Because the media would have you believe a trip to the beach warrants a "MAJOR INCIDENT".

In Liverpool the media framing was in the context of largely demonising the football fans who took to the city to celebrate their team's historic Premiere League victory. They show pictures of "hooligans" and of excessive drinking, hugging and violence. This is more comparable to BLM than the beach example, but again, one was condemned and the other wasn't, in my opinion if this is really a "pandemic" (which I obviously don't think it is) then you don't get to choose which gatherings are deemed acceptable or not. The "2 metre rule" is either there to "save our lives" and "stop the spread of the deadly virus" or it's irrelevant when it suits the so called "grass roots activists" (who aren't grass roots at all and are in fact bankrolled and supported by large NGO's and overseas financial interests who don't care that cities are being demolished and monuments smashed to pieces. In fact they appear to be supporting those concepts).

Finally just to express why I'm not buying into the "pandemic" narrative. Here are the stats released by the NHS:

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 22.22.03.png

So, in other words. If you have underlying health issues or are generally not metabolically healthy, then feel free to stay in your homes and scroll through Facebook. Kindly allow the rest of us to get on with our lives.

As for the media/establishment, we see what you are engineering, we see that you are using the "virus" as an excuse to deny certain activities and enable others as you see fit. The truth is, if we are supposed to live in a "free society" then outside of illegal activities, you don't get to tell anyone what they can and can't do.


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