How To Get Out of The Hive Echo Chamber on Twitter: The Rachel Wolfson Story

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Rachel Wolfson on Twitter

The other night I was thinking a lot about the criticism regarding Hivers on Twitter being in an echo chamber.

Like many active Hivers, I wasn't too happy to hear this criticism, especially since we as a community have organically trended with the #HiveChat hashtag and #Hive as well. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to agree that I, too am getting burned out by seeing the rah-rah Hive tweets.

So, I did some searching and decided to stop posting about Hive (for a few hours, lol). I did, what I always do, I started wandering around Twitter reading people's conversations. I think i input the tag #CryptoTwitter and just began flipping through stuff mindlessly.

I had gotten a glimpse of the Chirpty circle image somewhere along the wandering but didn't get it, then I found Rachel Wolfson's #cryptotwitter circle image and began to study what it was about.

Here's her tweet:


Rachel Wolfson is a reporter for Cointelegraph and a podcast host for badcrypto. She has 16.5K followers. But when I found her tweet, I was not thinking about any of this. I certainly wasn't thinking about the possibility that she might start following me on Twitter....

I was focused on one thing: I wanted to figure out what this weird image trend was about and how to create one myself.

It instantly reminded me of the MySpace Top 8, that was on our profiles (were you on MySpace? I really miss that actually).

I also began to do what I am not really that proud of: I start to feel a bit jealous of other people who appear to "have it all together." I don't know but I still always feel like an outsider, a freak, an imposter, an unsuccessful loser who will never quite "get it together."

Successful women still intimidate me. Anyway, while I was looking into this circle thing, I forgot all about myself and all the crap in my mind and I was just amused by this thing that reminded me of MySpace Top 8 (btw I still think the @peakd devs should add a "top 8" section on our profiles to add more social could be SO COOL....)

Ok, here's the point: I found the website: where you can input your Twitter name and the site will automatically generate your Circle of friends using artificial intelligence. The people shown in your circle are those with whom you engage with, meaning you pay them attention and respond to them. It doesn't show the people who give you attention...

Here's the point I am trying to make:


make yours at

I forgot about myself and Hive for several hours and got interested in learning a new trend in CryptoTwitter, the #chirpty circle image. In the process of engaging with Rachel, she ended up following me (@hivepeople account). This was very exciting to me, but totally unexpected. It's been quite a long time since someone kinda famous has followed me, so I was of course very excited about this. And this also made me more self-conscious about what i tweet.

Once I had generated my own #chirpty circle, I gave Rachel a shoutout, because hers was the very first CryptoTwitter chirpty image I had found, and after seeing hers, I knew I would have to do one also....

She did respond to my tweet:

I'm showing you all this not to fluff myself up, but to make a point: we have to get out of our bubble and engage with other people in CryptoTwitter. We can talk about things that matter to them....that's how we make new friends outside of Hive. And no, I didn't mention Hive to Rachel during this entire conversation (it's pretty obvious already since my account name is HivePeople, LOL)......doing so probably would have made her not follow me. I hope you all understand this.

I am really proud of our Hive Swarm on twitter, don't get me wrong. I just think we gotta get a bit smarter and more conscious of what we are doing and how energy is being rewarded. Keep tweeting for sure. Just think about your followers too.

Well, now the pressure is on. I have to create more value from my hivepeople twitter account because Rachel Wolfson is following me.



interesting idea

I would love to discuss this further. Upon releasing this idea into the wild, some strong supporters already emerged....this could make hive more "sticky" and more social as well. these kind of viral ideas that connect people are what is needed, imo.

as a side note, Rachel created a tweet about this and shared it both on her Twitter and Instagram....

the fine line between enthusiasm promotion and spam is just soooooooo thin

I often try to look out for others, because I already know so much about hive to see the option to different technology

twitter is new to me, but a total rabbithole of shilling, ...but so enjoyable :D

so true! once you start to get twitter, it's an amazing place
the reason most people don't like twitter is because they don't know how to be social....being social to me means that you reply and communicate honestly, but's a lost art.

hahaha not that aspect of honestly and respectfully communicating isn't there at all anymore. But still is the fastest newsfeed there is...but you have to look through the crap to find the news

perfect for when in public transport or in the waiting room;)

I tried that app too.

chirpty_steevc 1.png

It is largely Hive people, and Steemit manages to feature, but they blocked me a while back. I am not really trying to grow my presence on Twitter and so anything I tweet about Hive is not reaching many people who don't already know about it. We need to get people with many thousands of followers to mention it. We are stuck in our own 'bubble' for now and need to burst out.

i did give you an example of how to do that, as listed's mainly the rah rah hive posts that are the issue....people don't really like it because it appears cultish.

All hail the Cult of Hive!

Yes, we do need to reach a wider audience. I try to show that posts on a range of topics can do well. We should not just be posting about the platform itself.

at this point, it is a cult. but i like this cult.

Here's mine, how am I doing? 😂


ah, cryptofinally is in your first circle. i caught you!


i'd say you're doing fine. cuz you caved in and made one.

Woo! Party time 🍷😂

Now I understand what it is and why I am there on the list

Thanks belle

People will notice us for sure. I generally recommend hive to people who are great content creators - some day , it may sound interesting to them.

One needs to diversify tag words when sharing content, flooding timeline purely with on thought, I agree it becomes a little too much.

Having Tuesday up and running on #hivechat has been a good way to reflect community communications between one another. To attract new arrivals needs to open without creating bubbles Stella.

Very fine balance between attracting and flooding streams, keep up with ideas @stellabelle


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