A shrine where anime fans gather

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Hello I am RYO!

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I went to a shrine in my local area!

First I went to food eat!
It's a place surrounded by mountains, but when I went there were already some people waiting!

beautiful bamboo


And my best favorite "Soba"😍

The ingredients are buckwheat flour and flour and salt


It's Tempura!
Tempura is vegetables fried in oil↓

Very good food in the mountains!
I love it!😍

And then I went to my intended shrine.




This shrine is so local that there were no other people at all


Tree of god↓



I don't have a specific reason for coming to this shrine...
but I knew on a hunch that I had to visit this shrine


Why did God lead me here? I might know why someday😌

And I went to a famous shrine in Chichibu↓


It seems this is the shrine that launched fireworks in the anime "Anohana"



quiet and beautiful…my heart calm😌

It was built in 927 AD.
The god name is Sarutahiko




My Hive5 video in here

There are a lot of ema about Anohana↓


It seems that she is main character↓

I've never seen a Anohana...
A lot of anime fans visit here now, but this is my home around area so I come around here a usual!

And next I went to hot spring!↓

There is beautiful garden



oh! there were small pond and carp in that!

The hot springs were so textured, and it felt great!👍

There, at night, the foot-only hot springs are lit up↓


Anohana sweets were on sale↓



I go to Chichibu all the time and there's always something new to found and it's great fun!
Here's a link to a post from my recent trip to Chichibu↓


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Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!


i love japanese culture ! and i love anime so much, i haven't watched anohana even though i have a copy i don't want to cry and get hurt because of it i think my kokoro can't take the pain hahah but i do love to go to japan and visit the place but to further appreciate it i should have the courage to watch the anime hahah ryo-san はじめまして i will be following you! i hope you follow back !
わたし わ ジュデ です よろしく!

Thank you for comment!🙌
Ahaha yeah! I agree with 100%! maybe Anohana is painfull for us!😂
so I also don't watching that!
but Chichibu(秩父) is so beautiful and there is various charm!
we are welcome like you!!🙌

When I see your blog I feel I miss Japan 🇯🇵

I think Japan is waiting for your return🤗

That site looks really peaceful and clean. Having the place to yourself during the visit must be really great for peace of mind. I haven't seen the anime too but it's been recommended several times by friends.

Sure😊 shrine is given peaceful and calm heart for us😌
I love go in the there!

Ahaha me too!
I've been recommended to see it for over 10 years, but I can't be interested in it...🤣
Thank you for comment!🤗

Why do they call it the Tree of God?

And I liked that sanctuary very much, it transmits a lot of peace. I'm not a fan of anime, I'm just a fan of one: **Will there be a sanctuary in Japan for him?

Thanks for sharing, the pictures are great.

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In Japan, it is believed that gods live in all things.
And in shrines, there is always a tree where the gods live.
Large trees have a long history and protect us like a god😊

Shrines are sanctuaries to begin with, but I find it interesting that they're being made even more sanctuaries so by anime fans😆

Thank you for comment always Bro!🙌

I'm watching my commentary and I notice that I never told you the anime I'm a fan of. It's "Saint Seiya".


Ahaha alright no problem!😆
Yeah! I know Saint but I never seen that…but it's very popular and lot
people loving it!👍

Friend, I truly pray that #hive reaches 3 dollars to go somewhere in Japan and meet you to go to one of those beautiful places of those incredible anime although Anohana never saw it but I do have it on the list of animes to see They say it makes you cry a lot hahaha. I love that tree quite a lot <3, I also want to see a Sakura one of these days.

That Anohana drawing is also phenomenal as always the drawings look charismatic.

Thank you for sharing that trip, I hope you can continue traveling.

I really hope it too!
I hope someday the members of the hive community will get together and enjoy the party together😊✌️

"Anohana" still doesn't look like an old anime. It's a beautiful drawing👍

Thank you so much!
I love you my friends!😀👏