Conversation With Advaita Vedanta Idols 🦢 At The Donauinsel in Vienna

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Yesterday after excellent pancakes according to my grandmother's homemade recipe, we decided to visit our Advainta Vedanta Swan idols on the Donauinsel in Vienna.


We offered them Sattwa vegan muesli with cereals and dried fruits:



They were more than satisfied with the menu:


So much so that we were allowed to cuddle with them:


Many passers-by asked us in astonishment how are the swans so peaceful near us, how they allowed us to pet them.


My Yogi spread his 5D consciousness, so that others could caress the swans as well.


Together with the swans, we projected a high frequency of love into the collective consciousness.


After watching the sunset on the banks of the Danube, we went home to eat delicious "grandmother's" pancakes:


„The Swan is an exquisite symbol for the Vedanta , since it elegantly represents the core values of the Vedanta. It symbolises prana (breath of life), the removal of the veil of ignorance, the capability to differentiate between the real and the illusory and receptivity for knowledge, wisdom and devotion.”

Author: dr. Vinod Sommandas


Awesome pics ...

Great symbolism for the swan! They are trully beautiful birds😍

I found today on internet something interesting about swans 😉 :

„The symbol of a pair of white swans is a classic indicator of Twin Flame Union and reuniting. Sometimes I’m shown in dreams or meditations, groups of white swans flying or landing to symbolize the collective energies shifting and certain Twins’ souls initiating union.

It’s highly likely that you and your Twin Flame also have a “totem animal” for your journey – lions, wolves, deer, dolphins or some other animal spirit – to see pairs of these is a good “omen” for reuniting.“

Ooo so interesting! Loved it! Correct me if I am wrong, but I know that swans mate for life. And I think that's just so cute. They are beautiful birds.

Hmmm I am curious what totem animal I would have 🤔

Those swans loved your red toenails I bet 😆

Suggested by @mammasitta for twin flame attraction 😉😜

Hahhaa 😆😂😅😇

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Thank you ☺️ It will be my pleasure!

Oh süße Schwäne :)

Sie sind so lieb und freundlich mit Menschen! 🤗