Combined winner announcement for two contests: SunThursday and BeachWednesday

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Reality in business and life are tough these days hence I will combine two usual announcement of winners into one

Please join me in congratulating the winners of SunThursday edition #28 and BeachWednesday edition #12

Since the new HF25 curation changes also the winning votes of the contests have changed, to give our generous sponsors a better curation we will now switch from voting the actual winning posts towards voting comments the winning artists do on such posts - I will remind them personally as well - for this time we need the #BeachWednesday Winners only, SunThursday was voted already.

Winners SunThursday

🥇Winner #1 @tinman88

In case some says the winner has indicated for a different contest, this was a small failure but we discussed it....

🥈Winner #2 @kohsamui99

🥉Winner #3 @eolianpariah

Winners BeachWednesday

🥇Winner #1 @kohsamui99

🥈Winner #2 @trangbaby

🥉Winner #3 @lynnnguyen

Rules and next edition details to come with the next contest editions - tomorrow we will start the next SunThursday contest - thx to all judges and all contributors of these small contests

Pay the winners a visit

Please take a look at the great photography skills of our winners and re-visit them frequently. Thanks also again to @dswigle as ongoing sponsor for the sister contest SunThursday!


Thank you @uwelang looking forward to the next round of @suhthurday and @beachwednesday hopefully coming up soon.

Also like to thank the supporting team been @dswigle and @theycallmedan your support is very welcomed and appreciated 👍

Congratulations! Woo hoo! Its always a pleasure!

Thank you @dswigle have a lovely evening 😊

You too~

Thank you Sweetie :)

My pleasure!

Congrats to all. Wow, @kosaumui99 championship
Thank you @uwelang and @tinman88 :) Very much appreciated it.

Thank you @trangbaby and congratulation to you my friend 😊

I'm glad to see these small, warm, and brilliant contests again. Although my resources are almost exhausted, I will try to bring some photos.

Thank you so much @uwelang and @tinman88 for choosing my post as 3rd winner for BeachWednesday 😊
Thank you my sister @trangbaby for inviting me to join this contest 😍
And congratulation to all winners!

You're doing great. Keep it up ♥️

Very nice foto. Really a beautiful beach.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Gewinner und vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos.
Da kommt man gleich in Urlaubsstimmung.
Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Wettbewerb.

Hi @uwelang, I think it's a perfect combination to motivate more participants! Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to @dswigle and @theycallme for their support.

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My dear @trangbaby and @lynnnguyen - please comment so we can vote on your comment as prize :-)