Magnificent Sunset at Pattaya Beach, Thailand

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Apart from enjoying the wonderful white sands and the nice weather at Pattaya beach, (refer to my previous post,, you will also be stunning with the picturesque sea view of the sun setting on the horizon.

The colors of the sky are magnificent and the reflection of the sunlight on the sea is gorgeous.

The sea is so calm, there are only a few slight waves that can be seen......






No matter where you watch it, from the beach, from the hotel, or from the swimming pool, I'm quite sure that you will enjoy watching the sunset scenery.

Especially if you watch the sunset with your loved one, this will be a romantic moment for both of you.




I think the dusk time in Pattaya can slow down your life and make you feel calmed and relaxed and I can guarantee that the sunset in Pattaya will never disappoint you!



I've never done this before. I hope there's no rule against it. I won't use it or anything like that. It's yours. I just enjoyed it so much I couldn't resist:


Thanks so much for your nice comment and for your great support. I'm very pleased to know that you enjoyed it so much. You are welcome to the place at any time. 🙂

You describe very well what we see in the photos, and if I agree with you, it is definitely a romantic setting, I would even say that could ask the woman you love to marry me, well I got romantic too ha ha ha ha ,, the water looks so calm, the whole atmosphere is great

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm happy that you can touch the atmosphere via the photos and my description. Haha! Congratulation in advance if you can win the woman's heart and successfully ask her to marry you in this nice atmosphere... Haha! 😁

How wonderful it is.
I would sit on the beach with a glass of wine and watch the sunsets.
Photos are cool.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the beach and the photos. 🙂