Splinterlands: The Devil is in the details

in steemonsters •  13 days ago 

Hello, mortals! Splinterlands is an amazing game and I have been playing it for the last two years, but I just noticed one error in the beginning of the game... Every time I start the game I immediately go to a battle, a market or an event and never look at the starting picture, which, btw, is amazing. This time it was different and I saw this mistake:

This is the first picture that you see when you start the game:


Notice anything strange?

In this picture you can see "Feasting Seaweed" but he has an icon for Range Attacker, which he is clearly not. He is a melee attacker!



I am not trying to be a smart ass here , but since this game is becoming more and more popular, I think you guys should pay close attantion to the details! That would be all, mortals! Stay strong!

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Nice research :-)

thanks mate

It's just Easter Agg!

I think its just an art mistake