It´s RAP (Robotic Process Automation), one alternative for companies after Covid-19.

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Let's start by defining RAP “So what is robotic process automation?

When we talk about robots, maybe you are thiking we mean heavy machines that perform industrial tasks, mainly on assembly lines. Well The answer is no, RPA (Robotic Automation of Processes), goes further by extrapolating this concept of automation to purely computer models, therefore, we would be talking about software robots, and it is the trend that promotes the addition of new levels of quality and productivity in the digital transformation strategy of each company.


It is thanks to the speed with which now a day it advances and improves the processing capacity, the internet connections together have been contributing to the rise of this type of technology, without this it would be impossible to think about improving processes through this technology.

Since we are talking that not only is it possible to process large volumes of information at a faster rate which becomes better response times, in other words much faster than any human, but it is also possible to connect different computer systems to each other, It can also generate documents, update databases, send mails, share data between applications , help make decisions in real time among others.

Now this is going to affect the number of people who would hire a company, but far from being a problem opens a great window of opportunity for people to take this as a challenge and prepare to participate in these changes advances, and not to be excluded, or to become mere spectators.

This whole idea is based on the covid-19 endemia, once this is over, we must not necessarily return to the same system of life that we had, it will be necessary to adapt to the times and changes and to realize how susceptible as a society we were, and that our place on this planetand life as we've been carrying is going to require an adjustment in pro of continuing to evolve as a highly productive society.

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Legal Disclaimer: We are not experts or authority on the subject related to RAP, machine learning or artificial intelligence or anything like that we are merely curious about all subjects, and we like to share and discuss.