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Justice is more than a game,
As are magic and vengeance and fame,
Remember this truth
When losing your youth
To searching for someone to blame.

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Chanseus the Great

Splinter - Khymeria

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Summoner Wizard

Size - Chanseus the Great has the appearance of a slender Human man, but he is extraordinarily tall. Standing about 8 feet, Chanseus sees more eye-to-eye with Ogres and HalfTrolls than men.

Lifespan - The Solakari are very serious when it comes to their measurements of time. On their home continent of Solaki, many different cycles are tracked to assign value to the dimension known as time, such as the paths of the many moons, the number of revolutions of the sun and the passing of comets. Chanseus was 27 when he decided to leave his home and make a new one in the Splinterlands. Since his origin and species is entirely unknown (even to him), Chanseus has no idea how long a life is ahead of him.

Habitat - Since moving to the Splinterlands, Chanseus has settled in the country village of Khymeve, all that remains of the great city of Khymeve that was destroyed shortly after the Splintering. When he first made his teleportation from Solaki, Chanseus found himself about a mile outside Shimmer City. He walked closer, but was quickly overwhelmed by all the activity. People were everywhere. It reminded him of Huulo, the crowded factory city whose name he wishes he could forget. Chanseus turned his back on the city, deciding instead to settle in a modest grass hut of Khymeve. After only a few weeks of integrating with the Khymians there, Chanseus has already been discovered by the Peacebringers, who are testing him and preparing him for their rebellion.

Weapon - The wand of Chanseus is named Firiadoc Jopa, and it was never meant for his hand. Just before leaving his home and family forever, he took the wand from his father’s study, along with a magical suit of armor from the War of Sons and Daughters. Whenever Chanseus dons the armor or holds the wand, he knows that he is unprepared to harness their true powers. When he uses them in tournament battle, the results are often wildly unpredictable. Someday, Chanseus hopes that he will have the same kind of relationship with Firiadoc Jopa as his father. Little does Chanseus know that the old man has not taken well the loss of the magic wand. He is currently making plans to visit the Splinterlands to retrieve the legendary weapon.

Diet - Since arriving in Khymeria, Chanseus has fallen in love with the Provision Trees, especially those that provide fruit. There were no fruit-producing trees on his home world of Solaki. In fact there was no fruit at all. His diet has now shifted drastically from heavy proteins and leafy greens to melons, bananas and nuts. Chanseus is amazed at the energy that these foods provide, and they are so enjoyable to eat that he is willing to overlook the fact that he must consume 7 or 8 meals a day.

Allies - Chanseus is new to the Splinterlands, and because his home world of Solaki is unknown to those who live there, his only friends are those he has made since arriving. He has been approached by multiple diplomats from the Order of the Silver Shield who have been attempting to recruit him in some capacity. All they have gotten from Chanseus so far is an agreement that when he summons in the Mount Mox tournaments, he will always represent Khymeria, where (they assure him) he belongs. The Peacebringers of rural Khymeria are also attempting to win over the young wizard, having noticed his incredible powers. He has also befriended a young crippled man from the village of Khymeve named Kelbor. Chanseus confides many secrets in the young Khymian.

Enemies - Burtikor Faddly is the mayor of the village of Khymeve. He is a fearful and greedy shadow of a man, one who feels that he can never gain without someone else’s loss. As soon as Chanseus arrived in the town, Fiddly began concocting ways to rid himself of the young wizard. He knew that Chanseus would not only steal the local spotlight, but eventually expose some of his more shady dealings. Burtikor can always spot a justice hound from a mile away, and one so tall was bound to create problems. Chanseus has also caught the attention of the Dragon Banker, but no one is sure why. Neoxian has refused to comment publicly on the arrival of the wizard, but it is rumored among the Gloridax that his coming reopens some ancient wound.

Pastimes - Chanseus enjoys more than anything to walk alone on the open ground of Khymeria, exploring the wonders of its many landscapes. Back home, his family’s oasis home was completely encircled by a vast and sprawling factory city which took many hours to cross. In the Splinterlands he has found an endless array of worlds to explore. Once he finds an appropriate captain for his voyages, he plans to travel the Splintral Seas. He wants to live every experience, take every risk and behold every sight in the Splinterlands. Once he has completely experienced this strange new world, Chanseus can finally set out on his mission to liberate the deathlies of his homeworld. All in good time.

Origin Story

Somewhere in the distant sky, perhaps just out of an eagle’s sight, floats the mighty land mass known as Solaki. Solaki and its counterpart, Lunaki, have for nearly a thousand years escaped the awareness of the Splintral people, but soon the veil will be lifted. Among the most noble of the Solakari, the Sons of the Sun, is a distinctive Angel/Human hybrid known as Chanseus.

From the very beginning, Chanseus was destined for greatness. The Solakari Seven watched him carefully from the time of his delivery, for they knew that someday they would need the boy. The “delivery” of this unique child was first thought to be the crash of a comet. In fact, the deathlies, the Nobles and the Thinkers alike were certain that Solaki was doomed that day. But when the comet lost its speed and landed with controlled softness, the floating continent was spared, and all that was left in the crater was a baby with strange powers.

The child was declared to be the hybrid offspring of an Angel and a Human, although his true origin is quite unknown. He was named Chanseus and taken into the household of Boromo, Third of the Solakari Seven and Defender of the Sun Throne. Chanseus was speaking in a matter of weeks and solving complicated math problems in months. But most amazing were the boy’s innate magical powers. Even lying in the crib, Chanseus was practicing making magical projections of himself. The illusion of a second crib with a second baby would appear across the room, and there would be no way to tell which was which. Before he knew the truth of consequences, the baby would lie on his back and shoot fireballs from his mind at the ceiling of his room. He was never aware of the chaos that ensued as his father and the servants had to put the fires out before they burned down the entire house.

Boromo taught Chanseus that he was special, delivered to the Sons of the Sun in their time of greatest need, and that one day he would fulfill his sacred destiny in an unknown distant battle. He was taught that he would always be safe within the noble walls, and he was taught that the men on the outside, known as the deathlies, were never to be trusted. The magical powers of Chanseus were fostered by excellent teachers as they developed in exciting new directions. Chanseus grew in wisdom, virtue and honor, much faster than the average Solakari youth. Boromo and the rest of the Seven were anxious to see what this young man would accomplish.

“They will only take from you,” Boromo would say to Chanseus between his lessons and games. “Deathlies may shovel a good coal, they may know their way around a forge, but we shan’t mix with their kind. They don’t need our help.” But teenage Chanseus saw things differently. Each night he would climb the tallest lookout tower of House Boromo to watch the activities in the slummy streets outside the walls, where the deathlies lived (if one could call it “living”). What he saw were people. Some were of his own kind, some were different, but all had their own lives, their own value, and all deserved better.

After several years of observing the deathlies and learning their customs, Chanseus stood on the precipice of a life-changing decision. He had made several bonds of friendship among these suffering people, who all his life had been described to him as nothing more than animals. Chanseus felt unable to help them, even though he had the skill of a mage and the power of a Noble. He knew he would be severely punished if his interactions with the deathlies became known among the Seven, perhaps even imprisoned. So he continued secretly consorting with his deathlie friends.

Chanseus’s favorite among the deathlies was a young crippled fellow named Yuki. Yuki had been rescued (against his will) from a distant battlefield, on which his family had been slaughtered, and brought to Solaki. Chanseus formed a quick and strong bond with the youth, who in the face of his own daily squalor, smiled more and found more joy in life than anyone Chanseus had ever met.

One evening as Chanseus was perched high above the city watching the nightly bustle of the deathlies begin, he saw a commotion in the candlelight of the main square. It was Yuki, and he was at the end of a Trooper’s spear. It was so far away that Chanseus could not tell any more; Yuki had probably been caught stealing bread from a street stand, a habit that Chanseus had repeatedly tried to talk him out of. It didn’t matter anymore. Chanseus saw clearly the moment that the spear pierced the chest of his friend, and his heart brimmed with rage and vengeance; a new burning desire for justice found a home in his soul that day.

Without a sound, Chanseus made his moves in the night. It was decided. There was only one place he could go to make a difference, but he would have to renounce everything: His power, his privilege, and his destiny. The Splinterlands alone possessed the power to tilt the scales; perhaps their rulers could even free the deathlies. He sneaked into his father’s study, from which he needed two crucial items for the journey, but after those, Chanseus vowed never to take again. He first took Boromo’s prized magic wand, Firiadoc Jopa, from its display case. This legendary wizard’s weapon would amplify his power. He then took the enshrined suit of ceremonial armor from beside the fireplace. It was not an ordinary suit; this suit was worn by a nameless Angel Visionary in the very first battle of the War of Sons and Daughters. It was sure to prove his credibility and urgency in a strange new land.

Although he had never attempted personal teleportation before, Chanseus was confident in even his yet-unproven abilities, and with Firiadoc Jopa in his hand, he knew there was little danger. Looking around his father’s dark, wood study one last time, Chanseus said a silent but heartfelt goodbye to the life he had known. “They’ll have to find a new chosen one,” he thought to himself as he began casting the teleportation spell that would take him once and for all to the Splinterlands.


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