Verified Accounts Silenced In Recent Twitter Hack

in social •  27 days ago  (edited)

There was a recent Twitter hack that impacted a variety of well known figures like Elon Musk and Bill Gates and in the midst of that attack on the platform, many people suddenly lost their ability to post at all on the social media website.

Things should be back to normal now, however and most people should be able to post like they normally would.

It wasn't everyone who had been blocked from tweeting, and it isn't sure how they put the change in place, but the block allegedly only impacted verified accounts on Twitter.

Not being able to post anything when there might be some big event going on, be it a hack or some other issue, is the reason that multiple channels of communication are a good idea to establish.

Opting to create an online presence in an alternative media space, perhaps many of them, gives those individuals who had their voices silenced, a chance to post something if it might be important or they simply just want to.

It was a tough day for the folks working at Twitter as a result of the hack. It highlighted a vulnerability of the platform and several accounts have been compromised.

Shares in Twitter took a noticeable dip in response to the event.

Right now it isn't clear what the full extent of damages are, related to the hack, and they think that direct messages and personal information of some users might likely have been compromised, along with the financial bitcoin scam that took place.


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