Sketchy Ride Down Snake Path

in skatehive •  15 days ago 

Snake path is a bike path in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and it is very rough, narrow, and steep. I used to be scared of this path, and wouldn't skate it much. Now I've improved to the point where I can take the full run. Though I almost go off the path at the end.

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Fisheye camera is very beautiful.


Thank you too...

Sweet last powerslide dude! Hell yeah! Things are looking gnarly with that 360 camera!

Thanks man. I think I'm going to post more raw stuff like this, than doing complex edits. It just takes too long to do. I'll just do those for special events, when i catch really good footage.

I also have a 360 cam but I think I’ll break it if I take videos while skating. Nice vid.

It's something I worry about every skate. It's why I rarely ride with it on a pole in my land, and usually ride with it on my helmet. I already have a few scratches in my lens, but they haven’t affected the picture yet.