AI began to see through the walls. Now you won't hide anywhere

in science •  20 days ago 

Scientists from MIT decided to use the power of artificial intelligence to build a system of seeing through walls. The technology is expected to allow law enforcement to intervene in large facilities faster and more efficiently. A team of engineers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory initiated a project called RF-Pose. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to collect information from devices that generate radio signals and on their basis creates maps of the interior of objects. While many devices that can detect objects behind walls have been developed so far, they have not been as effective and accurate as the one made by the people of MIT.

Scientists have revealed that this is all thanks to their advanced neural network. It collects all kinds of specific signals reflecting from people or animals and analyzes them in flight, and then accurately recreates the silhouette of a human or animal. This allows you to search for specific objects live, without wasting valuable time.

The originators of the project see the use of their technology in health care, and more precisely in the new face of medicine, in monitoring the health of elderly patients suffering from, for example, Parkinson's. The system can also be perfect for the effective work of ZUS officials, who will be able to check whether people staying on L4 are actually at home.

Detecting people through the wall can also be a great complement to video games in which players can participate in rescue missions or serve in special units to quickly reconnaissance objects in order to detect criminals and identify them before the planned assault.

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