Qurator's Photo Quest | Long Exposure

in qurator •  2 months ago 

I have no way of competing with the in-house photographers we have here on #HIVE.

Still, I want to submit an amateur long exposure entry, from our Hong Kong Disneyland adventure. 😜





Exposure time8sec
ISO speed100
Focal length18mm
Max aperture3.6


This is an entry to Qurator's Photo Quest | Long Exposure


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Very colorful shots. Thanks for sharing.

Ohhhh, I'm honored for your visit! 😍 Yes, their display was colorful. It's fun taking pictures.

Oh, it really beautiful at night!

Thank you @sreypov. They are really stunning. We were blessed to arrive early in the site for the fireworks display and had an ideal spot to take a shot.

Thank you for visiting and leaving such kind comments. 😍

Hope you and your family are well. Have a great week ahead.

Your welcome, thank you very much and you too.😍


Super awesome....the first one is really good one with entire Disneyland covered

Thank you @steemflow. We were blessed to be in a good spot to take these photos! 😍

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it so much! ❤

best photo wasted money
busted time
musted klime