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Applause from the Masses

IMG_7096 (3).jpeg

bumbling, prattling
pretty in pink grasping
wrinkly and liver-spotted
hackneyed jesters
don the brass
paste crowns

pretty boy Hamlets
heir-apparents clad in black
mask for the masses
when the tintype
is rolling

the digital buffering


it's a matinee performances
subbed in with understudies
elbow dances, pirate salutes
for a conned, captive crowd

fearful, righteous, scriveners
fattened and pithy publicists

IMG_7104 (2).jpeg

existence is easier
when someone else
gives you a script
pays you to parrot

puppets and marionettes
get handsy behind the scene
with ambitious, willing
up and comers

in the darkened house whispers
a bespectacled stage manager
on-ready to pull the strings
when the lights come up
once again

IMG_7096 (1).jpeg

Falstaff frolics and farcical interludes
in between commons tragedy and climax
the indefatigable and unflagging Thane of Fife
Macduff and his nature-loving zealots
approach with Birnam Wood

IMG_7093 (2).jpeg

Beware the denouement
when all plank strutters
are forced to wrap

it's a modern re-imagining of an old classic
but the velvet curtain still comes down
with applause from the masses
ropes swinging in the wings

IMG_7104 (1).jpeg

9 of 81

Drink deeply from your cup
Share what lies within
There is always more
Your cup is served by the Tao

An over-flowing cup
Leads to waste
Nourishes no one


Sharpen your knife
Defend with cut after cut
Soon you will be left with a needle
Then nothing, still in want of defence


Care not for wagging tongues
Of those who do not know the Tao
One moment they wag their tongue
The next their tail

Be not the prisoner of a puppy

IMG_7093 (4).jpeg


Words and Images are my own.

Applause from the Masses was first published today.

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Nice metaphor played in this poem with eloquent graphics.

Thank you: calling on the Bard is never a bad idea:)

Well, look who's gone all Shakespeare!!! :-)

It's a sunny Thanksgiving Day in Florida so I thought it apropos to drop in and say "Hi" to some old friends. I hope everything is going well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Hey, Quill. My first degree was in Theatre. Funnily enough, that combined with the science and social science I did afterwards, comes in real handy as I navigate myself through Bizarro world.

I never intended the iambic; I'm told it snuck in. You can count if you like for confirmation or take the word of some guy on the internet.

Love Shakespeare for tragedy but I always preferred Moliere for rhymes ... or the guy doing the translations, anyways.

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Nice poetry with nature photography.

Thank you:)

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