River Gradac, Serbia 🐟🐢🐡 - Photo Of The Day #647

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River Gradac, Serbia 🐟🐢🐡

Daily Photography #647



Reka Gradac

River Gradac

Već nekoliko puta sam objavljivao fotografije sa reke Gradac. Ali, ova reka je toliko lepa da zaslužuje da joj se ponovo i ponovo vraćam.   I have already published photos from the river Gradac several times. But, this river is so beautiful that it deserves me to come back to it again and again. 
Gradac spada među najčistije reke u Evropi i Srbiji. U jesen, klisura ove reke je nezaboravan prizor.  Gradac is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and Serbia. In autumn, the gorge of this river is an unforgettable sight.  



Sony A6000 & Sony E 18-135mm
2 sec
** Vertical Panorama of 5 photos   

All images are my original work
If you are interested, you may order them for crypto.
You can order photos as full resolution digital copies, fine prints on high quality photo paper or as framed canvass paintings.

Contact me in comments or via discord.


Uhvaćen predivan delić 🥰

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