Work From Home with Pets

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Say hello to my study partner, Mr Benji. He’s an adopted poodle that came into our family since last December. He is obedient in most of the time but pretty hyped during meal time and outing😂 Well, talking about partner, he is like a silent partner where I can just get a bit of recharge by hugging and cuddle him. He enjoyed that and is very relaxed which I can feel his whole body are gel like and lie on my body. This sensation is very warm and fuzzy especially during the morning.

And yes, having a pet does change my perspective on my daily life. It is like committing to something that I will not gain direct reward but it is a long term commitment that would bring satisfaction when the bond is there. This is one of the amazing part of having a pet, especially dogs. Previously, my wife and I were working for respective employer companies which we will be away from home since 7.30am in the morning. The doggies will need to wait until 7-8 something then only we are back home for good. This is a ridiculous 12 hours of “away time” which we think is definitely stressful and not viable for pets. Thus, after deciding to get on our own entrepreneurial path, we had crafted our jobs to be mobile and can work from home for most of the time. In a way, this had allow us to bring our pets from our hometown to KL. Since then, I personally had learned a lot about having pets in our life and how beneficial it is to have one.

Frankly speaking, all of them need attention and they can really communicate when spend enough time with them. I can know what they wanna do or express when they do certain action or show certain expression. This is what experience could offer to me and I could not imagine that I can have such blessing as well. Also thanks to my wife who is a veterinarian that could really take good care of the pets and teach me about the ins and outs on taking care of them. Although sometime we may need to focus on our work and not able to play with them, as long as we are physically there, they will be resting nearby and sometime get near us to have a rub with us 😂 isn’t that very cute!


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Go go!

your dog is so cute <3 Oh glad to hear your wife is a veterinarian :o

🐶🐶 Benji says thank you 😍