INSANE Vaccine Mandates IMMINENT! - Americans FACE Tyranny, But WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS?

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the insane vaccine passport mandates being enforced on Americans at the moment as Biden comes in daily with slightly more tyrannical pushes towards a forced vaccination campaign.
Despite Federal workers, veterans and many others being forced to get vaccinated or lose jobs, money, homes, etc., there are almost no major protest movements in the United States. The same goes for Canada where protests have largely been banned.
Meanwhile in Europe, MILLIONS of people are taking to the streets demanding an end to the government and their totalitarian vaccine passports. The media is silent, but the people are not. The more people continue to put boots on the ground, the more resistance we will see and the more people will survive this absolute evil mayhem.
As we continue to face further lockdowns and vaccine mandates that destroy our basic fundamental freedoms to our own bodily autonomy, we have to be asking ourselves the question, what are we doing about it?

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I see little point in protests. What did the BLM 2020 protests produce in the long run? What have any other mass movements done? No, we need productive action. Stock up. Build real social networks offline. Weigh how far you're really willing to go in response to threats against your life, liberty, and property.

Right. I explain this in the video. Live by example, live freely. It's not about protesting. It's about SHOWING your presence in the streets. It's not about asking for freedoms back, it is about SHOWING you are free. Because the fact is, most people are against all of this insanity, but they're scared and they need to see that they're not alone.
Also, action MUST be taken against those knowingly pushing us into the depths of hell right now.

I can't watch video very well because my internet is crap, so I apologize if I commented on something already covered better covered in the video.

If it comes to Europe there are not millions of people demonstrating. Some do or try but the majority gives in to the threats and dirty tricks set by the governments.
It's not different from what is going on with you. For sure the biggest parts ignores the facts and believes what thee media tells. The number of fake or incomplete news is shocking. Since we know most only read the headlines and will not read text or investigate themselves or search for answers it's an easy win for Big Pharma.
Still many are not vaccinated yet and for a part those threats will not work.
To those with children and a job that will force to jab or leave it will be. I am most concerned about my children. The side-effects are too high. There are more vaccinations in development (120 at least) nosesprays included but it's questionable if they make a chance at all.

I don't know why hardly anyone protests it would be easier if all those who don't want it could meet first. The only way to stay strong and survive isif you are self-providing and most of us need a community to do so.