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RE: INSANE Vaccine Mandates IMMINENT! - Americans FACE Tyranny, But WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS?

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I see little point in protests. What did the BLM 2020 protests produce in the long run? What have any other mass movements done? No, we need productive action. Stock up. Build real social networks offline. Weigh how far you're really willing to go in response to threats against your life, liberty, and property.


Right. I explain this in the video. Live by example, live freely. It's not about protesting. It's about SHOWING your presence in the streets. It's not about asking for freedoms back, it is about SHOWING you are free. Because the fact is, most people are against all of this insanity, but they're scared and they need to see that they're not alone.
Also, action MUST be taken against those knowingly pushing us into the depths of hell right now.

I can't watch video very well because my internet is crap, so I apologize if I commented on something already covered better covered in the video.