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These sort of things would have gotten me fired from my unpaid job as an editor of my college newspaper. Well, maybe not fired but I definitely would have gotten a stern talkin' to by the professor that was our advisor. These are pretty inexcusable when you consider that acquiring a job as a paid editor for a news station or media conglomerate of any sort is a VERY DIFFICULT thing to acquire.

The entire industry is driven by nepotism anyway so sometimes idiots slip through the cracks. These headlines are great examples of what happens when editors depend entirely on spell check rather than using their own eyes and brains.


The text on the bottom was added by a wiseacre and was not part of the original story. KTLA is one of many local news stations in Southern California. This is one of the most densely populated areas in the United States and normally these local news stations have far more resourced than your average po-dunk local affiliate in some rural market. There is nothing grammatically incorrect about the headline, but come on man!


Doing a story on where people sit to look at their phones and well use the toilet as well is probably not the pinnacle of journalism to begin with but to refer to any situation where you have your pants around your ankles as "immersive" is just plain stupid.


NBC, one of the largest media companies in the world managed to eek out this headline. Perhaps their desire to pin anything negative on Trump that they can possibly find got in the way of someone actually reading this before they published it. For anyone with a brain and a decent command of the English language they are obviously referring to the financial ramifications of the wall, not that it would physically stand in the way. However, this is still a pretty unforgivable blunder.


While not as biased as some of the more famous media outlets like Fox or CNN, AP does have a left-leaning bias and this terrible headline might have been done intentionally. The speech was ABOUT opioids, she was not on drugs when giving the speech. I think that the latter would have been more amusing though.

Normally I would dedicate these blog entries to identifying terrible reporting on current events but honestly, the news aggregate sites are so filled with bias op-ed stories rather than any sort of actual reporting that you can just open one of them such as Yahoo News, close your eyes and click on one and it's gonna be dumb news designed to confuse and conflate rather than inform. It is too easy to spot dumbnews these days and i figured i would just throw a bit of humor rather than ire into the mix for a bit.


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these are gold! I think that the last headline has a good chance of not being as much of an accident as they would like you to believe.

oh almost certainly, they can always claim it was an accident though and that might be the entire point.

the icebreaker one is correct but unfortunately we will never know. I seriously think even the world's best icebreaker would experience real difficulty getting to the middle of mexico to even give it a try.

i dunno for sure but we probably don't need to get mythbusters involved on the physics with this one. Are icebreakers amphibious?