10 Kickboxing Combinations 10 Rounds Heavy Bag Workout - Train Along

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I demonstrate and explain 10 Kickboxing combos on the heavy bag in this train along Kickboxing workout. Throw your techniques in your own style, you can see the Dutch Kickboxing and Freestyle Kickboxing influence in my training.

A beginner should aim to finish a few rounds at a time. More advanced students should do all the rounds in 1 workout. This can be quite a hard workout if you push yourself each round. Keep good technique and push the speed as much as possible without losing form.

Each round is 2 minutes with 1 minute rest. Use the rest to lightly stretch, drink a little water if you need but don't drink too much and get a stitch!

If you need to rest before the round ends then use active rest to recover. Don't stand still! Keep yourself moving.

Combo List:

  1. Jab, lead low kick (Southpaw)
  2. Jab, cross, hook (Southpaw)
  3. Jab, rear roundhouse, jab (Southpaw)
  4. Jab, cross, rear low kick (Orthodox)
  5. Cross, lead roundhouse (Orthodox)
  6. Jab, lead hook, rear low kick (Southpaw)
  7. Rear leg check, rear roundhouse, lead hook (Southpaw)
  8. Lead leg kick, lead body kick, cross (Orthodox)
  9. Jab, rear low kick, rear leg check (Orthodox)
  10. Lead leg check, rear low kick, rear leg check, lead low kick (Orthodox)

Active rest is where you get your breath back but you look like you're still being active. It's a good habit to have because it hides how tired you are. When you start sparring and fighting there is no option to stand still and get your breath back, as much as I wish there was when I'm the exhausted one hahaha!

Good active rest on the heavy bag means you keep up your footwork and defensive movements like slipping your head, bobbing and weaving. If you keep the habit of moving while you get your breath back it will be a big advantage for you.

The aim of each round is to get as much reps of your combinations as possible, on the condition that you don't lose technique by going too fast. Set a challenging tempo, keep your technique as good as you can on the day, over time both your speed and technique will improve.

One of the keys to having a high output with your strikes and making it to the end of each round is your breathing. Take deep breaths, especially between combinations. Really make your lungs work hard so you can get enough oxygen around your body. This is just as important during the round as it is in the recovery between rounds.

Good luck in your training, I hope you have a brilliant workout!

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I need to start kick boxing 🥊 soon