The sudden death of a lioness goddess

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A bright December morning had woken me early, and I had crawled out of my usual sleephole called a villa. I moved out to a normal villa, a small one that I shared with a group of other girls from Rastanan, a separate country from Bronze Dragons. I didn't remember how I had ended up in this country, but I knew I had to find a way back to bronze dragons. I put on a yellow frock to hide myself from view, and tied my hair up in a bun.

I began moving through the town, looking for all the best places to learn to channel magic, but mostly I moved through feeling lost and scared. I had no idea what anyone meant when they spoke without using the mindtalk. I didn't know where all the shops were, I didn't know where exactly I was on the coast of the great sea, and I didn't know how long I had been in there or where I had even ended up. All I had was a knife that some one had given me, and a small purse. This windfall windfall of a purse had some yellow gems and some bronze and silver and gold and some large shinies inside of it, but I didn't know if I could use any of them. And if they helped reach my goal, then I was taking them.

I looked down at the small but important pouch, with paper inside of it, the kind of paper the doctors used, the kind of paper the Bronze dragon sentries used, all it said was " this is apparently paper"

I stuffed the papers out of my pocket, along with the paper I had been given earlier this morning, and my knife. I knew I was close, I knew I was close to finding my way home. I changed my path, taking a path that lead to the End of the world, the place where my bronze dragon stood.

I arrived at the end of the world, my destination. After shuffling along the ground for 6 hours, I had finally arrived. I found the patterns of the ground changed, more than that, one of them had more than just cracks. It had three more cracks that looked like silver stripes, more than just cracks. "this is apparently the end of the world" it said on the paper.

I stared at the patterns, at the great bronze wall. It was all cracked up and cracking up, the side were it leads to is cracked and shattered, like there had once been a tremendous battle.

The End of the world had gone to shit, and not in the way it usually did. I began to wonder what I would be able to pull out of the little paper given to me by Rastaran, but I guessed it wouldn't do me any good.

My head hurt, and I could only think of how I was running out of this awful phase I was in, wondering was I going to fall asleep, where would I sleep.

I heard a sound of wheels that had some great number of spokes on them, some great number of steps that were all padded on the soles. I had heard that before. "heard it before" I said to myself.

I felt a small noise on the ground, on the path I was on. I heard a loud noise on the path. I looked up from the paper in my arms, to see a carriage.

With wheels that seemed to have a hundred knives on them,

and a hundred knives that flew out from all around it,

and a hundred knives that flew out from all around it, and a hundred knives that cut through the air.

I dropped my knife, and I ran for it, towards the carriage, towards safety.

I slowed down a little bit, a little bit before what I thought could be a large ambush.

I reached a small bridge in a short time, a bridge that doesn't go to anywhere anymore.

The carriage slowed down and stopped, and I jumped towards it.

The carriage had two horses, two horses that had silver hair, hair that shone, hair that shone like the sun. They had hair that was braided into three gargantuan braids that glittered in the sky.

One of the horses had it's head held high,

it's head held high,

and its head held high,

in the air.

And it said it's hooves had gold colored rotors on them, rotors on them.

One of the horses said it's silver saddle had a silver sheen to it, had a silver sheen to it.

The carriage had silver rings on the inside of it, rings on the inside of it.

I climbed up the carriage, I climbed up the back of the carriage.

The carriage was silver from top to bottom, from top to bottom.

The sun was high above the mountains, the sun was high above the trees that cross the bridge.

The carriages wheels were lemon colored, the carriages wheels were lemon colored.

The carriages wheels had silver complex disks on them, had silver complex disks on them.

The carriage had a silver man, the carriage had a silver man, a man who had a silver crown on his head.