My dog's hairy paws

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I am a 30 year old man who lives with his family and my dog in outback Australia. I am a qualified shearer, and shear sheep for a living.

We had been shearing down at the DeGrey River for the past week and had finished on Monday.

It was a cold and very windy night and we were settled in our swag and had the fire going and the wind and rain was making for a cold and miserable night.

We had moved the fire near the truck and I headed inside the truck to turn the heater on and dry out a bit.

I got some nibblies and was standing in the great room of the truck when my dog 'Skeet' came in through the sliding door with the rain Dripping off his fur. He was shaking like all get out and jumping around like he usually does when he is pleased to see you.

I grabbed the towel that I keep across the bench in the room and I dried off his backside. I rubbed him hard under his arms and then I wiped his face free of water, like I did when he was a puppy. He is a big dog, about 30 kg (65 lb). He has always been a beautiful dog. He is pure white with one black paw on his left side. He is a pure bred German Shepherd. He was bred to my caring, loving, quarter Hungarian Shepherd my father reared.

I wiped his face down with quarter of a methylated spirit ( methylated spirit is used to make methylated spirits (aka meths, methylated spirits (methylated spirits (is used to make methylated spirits (Michsek, methylated spirits (Methylated spirits (Michsek that is used to make methylated spirits.(Marxist) meths.

Anyway, this is my dog.

He is very shy, but very loving with his master. He is wonderful with all the sheep. He was the first on the chutes to push the sheep towards the shearer and not pull them out (like some guard dogs like to do).

I wiped him hard under his arms, knowing that it would hurt him, but not hurt him more than I had hurt him when he was born.

I wiped him hard under his arms, from his armpits down his front legs to his front hips. This way I got the edge of his left front arm, his left upper chest, his left back leg and then his left shoulder. Then I dried his back leg from the very top of his leg, down to the 'fat' pad behind his back leg.

Then I wiped his left front leg that I had just dried the front of, the same way I had dried his right. I then wiped his chest which was about half the size of his front paws, again the same way I had dried the front of his legs.

Then I wiped his right front paw, following the scheme I had used to wipe his left. I wiped it from the heel, to the thighs, across his breast, over to the chest, up his shoulder, down his arm. Then I wiped his right back leg in exactly the same manner as the left.

Then I dried his right front paw the same way I had dried his left paw. Then I wiped his right back paw.

I carried this drying process out, to the last pelt on his hind quarter. I wiped his left hind paw. I then wiped his right hind paw.

I dried his left hind paw without stopping, then completed the process I started on his right but concentrated more on his left.

I dried every last bit of dried pelt on his backside.

I then dried his front shoulders, thinking he must be almost numb with cold by now.

I dried his left front paw. I dried his right front paw.

I reached near the small of the back of his back leg and proceeded to wipe his backside. He went wild now.

I 'Creeped' up to him and gently grabbed his left front arm.

He moved around like crazy again.

I opened the sliding door and let myself out.

I went back to my fire, thinking he would soon settle down.

I went inside the truck and grabbed the towel and wiped his backside. I then turned his mattress on its side and laid him on it. He had his head on the towel that I had used to dry him off.

He curled up in a ball when he saw me.

I thought it would be best to let him rest here for the time being.

I turned in for the night.


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