Child of the moon

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Given proper circumstances, the moon can be seen among the stars of the southern sky during the day. It has always been an object of fascination for children, who have long loved to toss leaves and small stones upwards, to see them being transformed into white birds, gliding gently down.

Now this moon-star, recently acquired by the recently formed country of Sébékékou, is rumored to have a child, born under its light.

And, to prove it, she rises every night, to the cheering crowds in the capital.

It is not unusual for citizens to congregate to see her at her house of the moon, during the day, no different than any of the other children of the world participate in sports or games.

Her name is Lékikélélé, and her story is unique. It is long, but for this reason, also very news-worthy.

One day, hundreds of people gathered at the house of the moon. Those who gathered, no different than any other day, wore masks of joy. No matter the makeup of the masks, everyone had on colorful clothing.

The mask-wearers danced in circles, each acting their own part in the play. The play's plot was unnecessary, but everyone still sang the entire time, joining in the dance.

These people did not know, though, that there were several men, without masks, near the door. It did not bode well for the researchers, analyzing the immediate area of the house, who according to their best guess, was where the child lived.

They also did not know that two of the researchers were the family of the woman who recently birth, nor did they have any idea that his credentials had been stolen.

Later that day, the remaining researchers came back to the center located near the house of the moon. They all prepared to present their findings to the central governing body of Sébékékou.

It should be noted here, however, that the material to be presented was not only relevant; it held great sway with the crown. The fact that the man who should have been presenting the evidence was not able to speak clearly should not have weighed heavily on the two remaining: they were to do their jobs.

It should also be noted that the name of the crown to which the speech was intended; it had its own sources, however, and hunted for information.

Many people, however, believed that the title of this moon-wife was Lékikélélé and that she had been created for this reason; she was to be married and produce a special child.

Her name was not the only thing that they believed; it had been related, even before the discovery of the child, that she was born to a woman who had been given to a secret organization, with a vow of silence. This organization had used her for their own gain.

Now, these men wondered if the Sébékékó government had any involvement with the organization. They had heard, once upon a time ago, that the moon-wife had lived in the woods, with her mother, before Sébékékou was created.

It was the organization that had taken her in, in her very young years, because, though she appeared to be a regular child, she was created in the middle of the night in an evil laboratory in Seybé. However, in the end, it seemed that the organization could not keep her imprisoned.

No matter how high the walls or how many guards, she had escaped her confinement; all that they had succeeded in doing was separating her from her parents.

What, then, had happened to them? No one knew. Eventually, one of the researchers learned of the rumor that was circulating, this said that the woman had fled, with her daughter. They were on their way to Lacan, where they would live in secret.

But this information had only made the researchers more curious; they wanted to know more about where Lékikélélé came from. No one knew, but after days of digging through information, the researchers discovered a place known as Seybé.

It was this discovery that led to the findings that they were supposed to present to the government.

The lacanians had no knowledge of the moon, and this place: seybé: had been difficult for them to find.

But seybé was not the only place they found; after much information search, they discovered the organization; the man who was the leader only had one name: his pseudonym.

After reading through their papers, the two remaining researchers repeated, as best as they could, the information that they had learned.

The head researcher told the crown that their own people had taken the child into seybé. According to the documents, the organization sent the child to an orphanage, where she was kept artificially in a deep dark cave.

There, she was given the name "child of the moon".

She was also taught to speak; at first, she did not speak very well, but she did learn slowly. She was taught to read and write; she had received an education that was at that time, unheard of.

Eventually, she was brought up for adoption, which ended up in her being given to her mother.

The dark organization had sought to profit off of the moon's child, but they did not succeed. They failed in creating her.