An ancient ghost

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A black-cloaked figure walked silently down an abandoned sewer tunnel, the echoes of the figure's footsteps were also blacked out in the tunnel. The figure's cowl cast a shadow over the person's face, as the person's only source of light, a flat electric blue orb, illuminated the dirty, slightly moist tunnel. This person had a simple mission, and no one else was going to interfere with it.

There was only one set of footsteps that echoed down the tunnel.

A couple of meters ahead, the tunnel scrolled to the right, around a rectangular object, with an iron gate at the front of it. This object had a red metal cube bolted onto it, which the figure was using as a shield, hiding his body form of the infrared camera that was mounted on top of it.

The box was a small one, about 2 meters square, about 3 meters long, 2 meters deep, and only about half a meter high. Inside, was a large, rectangular, half-round box, with a diameter of a meter square: the half-round box was in front of the rectangular one.

The figure pulled out his gun, aimed and fired, grimacing slightly as he saw the bullets bounce off the large hunk of iron that was protecting the machine.

"I'm sure that you could do better. I want to show you something…"

At this moment, the figure leaped over the edge of the box and rammed it into the sewer pipe that was also powered by electricity. He pushed it to the right, acting as though he was on a human bridge and leaping out at the very last second.

The figure's boots smashed into the metal pipe, causing an explosion of water. The figure raised his gun, aimed and down the remaining water pipes.

The metallic creature hiding inside the half-round box screeched in pain as the water squeezed it. When the figure lowered his gun, it let out another screech, emitting streams of black smoke. The figure started towards the metal gate, which was blaring red lights.

He tried to smash the gate with his gun, but the metal was too strong. He put his gun away, took out a cartoon from his black cape, switched it on and then threw it at the circle in the middle of the gate, which was making a strange buzzing noise. He pushed his head into the circle and disappeared.

"I want you to see the whole situation, so you will understand why you should help me."

The world suddenly turned white, and then expanded. That was when he saw the half-round metal box high above him, the half-round metal box with the dim blue light on its middle.

He turned his head, kept walking, and stepped into a small room. There, was another black-cloaked figure, sitting in a chair. The figure was tall, slimmer than the other figure, with a formal, white, shirt and pants uniform with a navy blue cape, which swayed in the wind.

The blue figure said to the one with the black cloak: "This is where the mountain range's burial cave was."

"How can you tell?" The mysterious, black-clad figure straightened up and turned in the chair.

"I am a god, of course. What do you think that I'm going to see? I see things that other mortals don't."

"What are you?" The black-cloaked figure asked.

"Oh, I'm not from your world. Well, I am, and I'm not. But I was first seen in this Valley in the past, destroying these burial caves. You could say I was the harvest, I was born from a world where food is scarce, to a world where food is bountiful. So, I decided to take it.


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