A special winter

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I stayed in Fribourg, Switzerland because of my work for two years. But I left no impression on the beautiful country and the city. I regret that I did not see snow in a white winter.

I stayed at the station hotel in Fribourg in March 2016. One Saturday, when my boss and coworkers took a tour, I stayed at the office, and I was alone in the same hotel.

As a strange event, a maid of the hotel came to my room in the mid-night, and opened my door. She said that she was sorry for coming to my room, but the hotel's elevator suddenly stopped and could not be used. She told me that she wanted to tell me that I should use stairs to go down, but she did not want to wake me up and did not have courage.

I was very surprised, but I said to her that it was a joke and ignored her. I did not imagine that I would not see her again.

In the morning, I looked for the maid, but she was not in the hotel. I knew that she had gone to her place before midnight. I asked the hotel's manager about her, and she said that the maid never came to the hotel after she went home.

I was very suspicious about this story, but I could not think about anything and I went to the office. In the afternoon, I went to a conference, but I could not stop thinking about the locked elevator and the mysterious maid. I wrote a note to the maid of the hotel, and sent IVR message to a contact number in the hotel.

When the call was answered, I said to the voice of the hotel's manager. He burst into laughter. He asked me, "I am just a silly teacher in a village, I never thought that the janitor in the hotel's is a great detective."

I became confused. After a while, I did not stop thinking what the manager said. I recalled the maid's description of the elevator. The janitor told the story exactly as the maid said it last night. She could not take me down to the ground. But there was no elevator.

I thought that if anything strange happened, the manager may be the first to know. But why was she hiding this? Yes, she was unique lady, so ...

I asked a coworker to go with me to the village where the janitor lived. The girl said that she was curious about the girl who was told me in the email. She agreed immediately.

Along the way, we saw a boutique. I saw the boutique that I liked for some time. The owner said, "I'll just leave my heart here, so I can not look at my shop . I just left these clothes for a moment . " I felt it was strange.

The boss said, " Come to me. . "

The girl said, " Boss, you should not say anything unreasonable ."

The clown said, " Really ? Just look at the yellow color. . "

I looked at the clown's lips, " No, you are wrong. The red color is a little dark. .

In the middle of the night, a small bug on the honeymoon night came to the village. Perhaps, this was my life's biggest mistake. The teacher who owns the manor welcomed us and introduced the maid. I told the manager's story.

" Oh dear, dear, you must have been caught in my devil's net."

I kept silent, and my partner said, " Of course, I was very surprised to see the yellow of the shop. And I have never heard your story, I laugh about the yellow dress of the shop. But something bothers me. If something went wrong, the manager will find it first. And if she did not tell you to come, she would have gone to look at it first."

The man who owned the house changed his tone.

" It's going to be pretty clear. This certainly is not a person. But I want to know what you want. "

The man did not answer.


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