Rook Rookchello Rookcigliani

in life •  14 days ago 


You know him well. They have been living with us for quite some time. This is probably the most cunning bird of all. Rookchello Rookcigliani prefers to live with chickens. Because that's how he can steal eggs! He can specifically sit and wait for the chicken to lay an egg, so I don't see the eggs ...






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they are very smart birds, I saw a video of them throwing nuts under cars to break them, thank you for sharing

hello dear friend @ animal-shelter good afternoon
The birds are amazing, they never stop surprising us, there are always some more attentive than others
I appreciate you letting us know about this situation
Congratulations for the great work you do every day taking care of the animals you have in your home
Have a wonderful weekend everyone

sly crow, thank you very much for sharing