110,000+ weekly users on Chromium extensions!

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Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 2.40.25 PM.png

That's it, we made it! We just passed the bar of 100k users, and couldn't be more grateful for the trust you have all put in us!
The funny thing is that the Chrome Store seem to have been delayed for a few days, and by the time it was finally updated, we were already above 110,000 weekly active users, as you can see above.
Weekly active users are defined on the Chrome developer dashboard as The approximate number of Chrome browsers that loaded the item in the past seven days. It actually includes all Chromium based browsers, also including Brave and Opera.

Our ecosystem is growing!

More than just a good news for us as Keychain team, I think it is a good indicator that our ecosystem as a whole is growing, and that Hive dApps are attracting more and more new users to our community. We will keep using our central position in the ecosystem to incite users to try and explore the different dApps. We already do this through the Explore dApps menu on our mobile App browser home page, and plan to also add it on the extension side in the future, after we are done with the current refactor.
I (@stoodkev) personally think that one of our biggest strength in this community is that although there is some competition between dApps, there is even more synergy. Some of us started on Hive through blogging and are now invested in gaming dApps, others joined for the NFTs and are now making videos, etc.
On top of this, after seeing all the work done by Hive core devs and dApps developers showcased at HiveFest, it would be hard not to be optimistic about Hive future!

Quick dev update

Just a quick development update since we're here.
Our goal is to complete two things by the end of the year, or at worse by end of January:

  • The extension refactor. At this point, @cedricguillas almost finished working on the extension popup and I'm working on background operations and dApps requests.
  • Mobile App HAS integration. If you don't know what Hive Authentication Service, please read @arcange's blog about it. As showcased at the HiveFest, we already have a POC implementation on Keychain mobile, but it is still far from being production ready, so we're working on it.

Download the Apps

All download links are available on our landing page. For mobile, you can use the links below:

To import accounts quickly from your Hive Keychain extension to your mobile App, use the QR Code scanner by pressing the QR code logo:

On your extension, navigate to the menu (top right button), then to Manage Accounts and finally click on Show QR Code.


To communicate with us or test features ahead of time, join our Discord by following this link :

Or scanning this QR Code :


Core Team

@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : Dev
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness
@aggroed : Advisor - Witness

Support Hive Keychain development by voting for our proposal on PeakD (on the upcoming section)or with HiveSigner.


Congratulations! Your app/extension has made Hive much easier for all those people to use. It was just what we needed and it helps keep people secure. How long until a million users?


Thanks for your continuous support!
At the current acquisition/retention speed and accounting browser + mobile, I would say about 2 years to get to the million. That's very conservative though and I sure hope we'll see an increase of onboarded users in the future. Being able to announce 1M at the next HiveFest would be huge. Who knows, we did over 10X since the last one =)

@steevc(1/1) gave you LUV | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

Congratulations! Your app/extension has made Hive much easier for all those people to use. It was just what we needed and it helps keep people secure. How long until a million users?

Why? Be original

It's getting there... to the 1 Million thing!

Do you have mobile users too? Might be harder because of the "don't monitor me" thing apple has for example.

It's getting there... to the 1 Million thing!

On our way =)

Do you have mobile users too? Might be harder because of the "don't monitor me" thing apple has for example.

We have about 18k active downloads on mobile.The anti-monitoring thing still let us get anonymous statistics about our downloads and usage.

That is awesome. I use this extension every day. It has made using the platform so much easier. It also makes onboarding new people a breeze. Love it!

Glad you like it! There's still much we want to do to improve the onboarding process in the future.

I am looking forward to it!

Wow, good job. Keychain is so easy to use. Most users coming from splinterlands I would expect, right?

With keychain they can deal with all dapps from the hive universe. Awesome :)

Indeed, we benefited a lot from Splinterlands success, although it's hard to measure exactly the correlation.

I cant wait to see Keychain become the ultimate hive dapp ( it is already, lol) for mobile payments with QR code and all social transactions.

IMO Keychain is the secret weapon for mass adoption :) Special if financial dapps come here and everyone wants to use them :)

Huge fan of it since the start :)

Glad to hear this!
Yea, we plan to make more use of the QR code scanner in the future. We'll also provide a package to generate the QR codes, in order to make it easy for new dApps to integrate them.


It seems like the extention is not opdatet in live time?

Truly one of the best extensions out there, at least in my case, the most used one every single day! Thanks for creating this. I always mention it to new users as well as IMO you can't Hive without it :) Keep up the good work!

Will do! Glad you like using it!

Can't use all the Hive stuff each day without it, that would be an absolute pain :)

Gave you a witness vote after I discovered you are the keychain dev..

Much appreciated!

I've downloaded and installed Hive Keychain on my phone. Thanks, great work!

A few observations:
First observation: I clicked "New account"; my phone asked me "what do I want to open that with: a browser or Hive keychain itself?" Not knowing better, I chose "Hive Keychain" ... It did a NOP and the button became inactive - it's become useless, pushing it a million time still staying on NOP, so I basically broke it ...

Second observation: when transferring, I don't seem to be able to find the "scan the QR code" option - I have to key-in the hive username of the recipient of the funds. Is there a "read QR code" functionality foreseen?

Third observation: when transferring, I have to key in the amount. It would be nice to have the usual option "MAX" (transfer everything)

Thanks again!

Hey, thanks!

  1. Good point, I never thought of that eventuality, I need to find a way around it.
  2. It's on my backlog, but there are more important features I need to finish first.
  3. Right, also on my backlog, it shouldn't take too long though. I was thinking to fill max amount by pressing the Balance value (rathe than adding a Max button), what do you think?
  1. Start from the assumption that users are stupid. Like, really stupid! :)
  2. Thanks. Is there a poll organized somewhere to vote on feature priority? :)
  3. Can't tell, depends on the look and feel, but "MAX" is familiar from many exchanges (Binance, kraken, etc.)

Great work, many thanks again!

  1. Always ;p
  2. Nop, but Im always listening to feature requests and act accordingly
  3. I've already implemented the way I mentioned above. Would be easy to change it in the future if needed.

This is great to hear. I really like the extension & appreciate your work!

Thanks for your support!

Superb application.
Thank You.!


Glad you like it! =)

I use keychain 🗝️ everyday.

Thank you very much we really appreciate your hard work.

This will help us get further in life and take care of me and my human.


Happy to make your life and the one of your human easier ;)

Woof woof woof! Amazing opportunities that even a dog can help the pack grow!


@stoodkev, that's impressive :)

We're just getting started ;p

Cool :)

congrats on a huge milestone !LOL

Why did the worker get fired from the orange juice factory?
Lack of concentration.

@keychain, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @pocketrocket
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (2/2)

Proud moment for the @keychain team. Well done!

Great work @keychain
Well done great project and extension
Have a blessed and successful week
you got this.png

that's a lot and keep up the good work

Will do =)

Keep up the great work team!

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Keep it up!! Love hive

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proud of you and happy for me as a humming hiver 😊

Thanks for your long time support! =)

Thanks, in advance, for your future support! =) LOL

Always ;p
Let me know if you pass by Tainan =)

So you are back to Tainan again? Last time I remembered that you were mostly in Taipei.

Oh nop, I just stayed there for 6 months when my sister was there, then moved back to the south before I drowned under the rain ^^