Staking 21880 IONSX Day 2

in ionomy •  7 days ago 


Hello, Chrono here I wanted to Document my SharedNode from @ionomy the last couple of days I was able to get 21880 IONSX.

My first pay out Has been made with an amount of
+11.03756278 ION

Current Value of Sharenode


  • 21880
  • $798.56

I will document and create a template for my self and will document my earnings as I go day by day.

I really enjoy what the people at Ionomy are doing, the sharenode is rather interesting.

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Would be interesting to see if it's better to own a lot of sharenodes or simply have a master node.

With an ION Master Node you need 20,000 staked to earn 3 ION mind you the IOSX are a bit more. But yea Seems pretty cool Can't wait for ETH 2.0 to see the actual % the MN will be paying.

I only have about half of what you got there.

Decided to use part of those ION earnings to get HIVE.

Your post has been boosted with ESTM. Keep up the good work!
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