Hello people! 🌹

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Hello people! ✨
I’m new on Hive! I feel so excited to share my stories with you and enjoy reading and watching yours too.
First of all, I want to give you a little recap about myself.

My name is Tatjana! I am 26 yrs old. I am architect from Beograde, Serbia. I love to travel, discover and enjoy beauty places all over the world!
This profile will be timeline of my experiences and I am glad that I can share it with people with similar taste as mine.


I like to catch moments in nature, by the sea, on road trips and the most of all you will be able to enjoy pictures and stories about architectural and unique interior designed places. Among the other, I will share places and ambiences which I design. I expect your comments and new meetings! 😊

I am so excited about this beginning, so now we start! ✨


Welcome to Hive! Steemit was part of another blockchain though 😉

Welcome tatjanapaunic!
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