IQs and Perception in the information war

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A little thought on perception and IQs....I find analysis of it, along with social media, fascinating...
I have found in my own perceiving throughout life, that certain humans think certain ways based a combination of factors in their environment, combined with their inherited genetic mental abilities. Not a grand discovery or anything like that, commonly shared among those that analyze the subject....but look at it this way:

Here we are on a social media platform, viewing content created by humans (mostly). There are some on here that seem ‘smart’ and some that seem ‘stupid’. If you were to eliminate your ego from the equation, what is it that makes our perception see one as 'smart or stupid'?

Let’s say, you are a human who just took a standard commonly accepted “IQ test” and you scored a whopping 110!!. You are above the average 100 for sure. You have some confidence. You can’t help it, you’re human after all right? You know that, according to the ‘test’, you are ‘more intelligent’ than well over half the population.....What happens to you next, depends on your ego..

You may develop a sense of superiority, or you may not. From what I have witnessed however, is a form of ‘Dunning Kruger Effect’ type phenomena happening, around a certain range of “IQ”. Around 105-115 “IQ” to be more precise. There seems to be (mostly anecdotal observation) a certain tendency for folks in this range, to exhibit quite a few traits that stand out above the rest. Seemingly, smart enough to see they are somewhat smarter than average, but not smart enough to see that, they know nothing.

  • Tends to outright reject not just religion, but a ‘creator’ of any form, and also tends to criticize those that do not outright reject a ‘creator’. Many in the ‘Atheist’ camp fall into this range I suspect.
  • Tends to reject any Truth, that did not arise from their own discovery, due to previously mentioned superiority complex (Dunning Kruger). They seem to think that someone else couldn't have discovered it, unless it was an 'authority figure', like a corrupt alphabet agency or the mainstream media.
  • Tends to dismiss and criticize even those far higher on the “IQ” scale, due to the new knowledge they were not aware of being instantaneously considered “crazy” or “nutty” or “impossible” etc...

There are many other anomalies I won’t go into yet. does not only apply to that range IQ. Just seems more concentrated there. I believe that the so called 'Liberal Media' focuses on that range, to spread disinformation and division most effectively. For these types will gravitate towards the groups that live by media sound bites, becoming a collective force of followers with a superiority complex.


Now, for another perspective.
Imagine, you have an above avg “IQ” say 110.. You meet someone with an 80 IQ at your work. By standards, I believe, <75 is considered ‘mentally handicapped’? So, imagine having a conversation with your 80 IQ friend. Maybe this friend is like, the beloved ‘Forrest Gump’? Aww, he is so nice and innocent, and magical, right? But, what do you think of his intelligence? What if you met a non-popular 80 IQ human, and hung out with them for a while? This human is ‘30 points’ below your “IQ”, and they seem rather 'stupid' to you....

Now, imagine that you have a 140 “IQ”. Your new friend has a 110 “IQ”. 30 points lower than yours....seemingly ‘mentally handicapped’.....That new friend is the one going around thinking they are ‘superior’ and that everyone else is an idiot, including you..You tell them that the mainstream media is reinforcing lies, and incorrect data. They laugh at your suggestions, because they think you are 'out there' or 'crazy'...
and you, being in the 140 IQ range, are in the vast minority...

Now you get to test your patience instead of your IQ.

stupid people smart people.JPG

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Do you remember, before the internet, that it was thought that the cause of collective stupidity was the lack of access to information?
Well....It was'nt that

LOL I love the whole post, but the words above resonated with me so much and made me laugh so hard.

Have you noticed that people who are really intelligent with code and math are among the most most ignorant and bereft of common sense on the planet?
Or is that just my own personal bias ?

I notice that one of most deficient in that regard is themarkmark

Have you noticed that people who are really intelligent with code and math are among the most most ignorant and bereft of common sense on the planet?

Hmm. If we used the words 'socially' in front of 'ignorant', I would have to agree. It appears to me to be so with the common sense aspect as well. My father produced this aura of lacking common sense, and he was a super genius. I think this phenomena has a lot to do with what many super intelligent individuals choose to do with their time, since their abilities of their minds open them up to a different world than the average one. I am pretty sure that not all super intelligent folks choose to code, but I am positive that only the super intelligent should make the choice to go that route.. What seems 'fun' to one IQ range, will not seem fun to another. 'Socialization' is very 'fun' and 'necessary' to the masses...and why is that? I think it is because the masses fall into the extreme majority of 'average IQ' range. Everything that those masses do, seems 'normal', to them. Anything 'abnormal' to them, is 'weird' or 'awkward' as a result. The Cognitive Bias of the masses therefore overrules the minor blips from the super minority on either side of the spectrum. Therefore anything coming from the extreme low, or extreme high of the IQ bell curve, is considered 'ridiculous' to the masses in the middle, who all pat each other on the backs for repeating what their 'authority figure' taught them.

But yeah, I know what you mean about the awkwardness... Imagine what those super geek coders think of the general public.
I try to view both sides from the outside..not sure if I am doing it right :D

If we used the words 'socially' in front of 'ignorant', I would have to agree.

I see that as not being just true and accurate, but it is also very helpful for me personally. I have a problem with language, its being resolved slowly.

My father produced this aura of lacking common sense

I would be very interested to learn how that manifested if you are of a mind to share it. I think I may project the same.

My own father was a high IQ person with a very broad and in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the world works. He was completely mad on the inside and in his personal life, but projected a 'firmly in control' image to the outside world, was very respected and had an interesting and subtle way of projecting authority.

You got me thinking I guess, thank you! Reporting in on what you made me think about, which I am only starting to realize lately....
While riding bikes with my son earlier, It started to hit my how much like my father my son is. Same kind of aura of lacking common sense while being able to compute things that others couldn't hope to grasp. However, I noticed it early in his life, I just didn't equate it to his grandfather for some reason. This is most likely due to the fact that my father left this world before my son was born, and thus my son has had no influence by his grandfather, other than what may come through me somehow, even though I am the polar opposite of both of them in the 'common sense' regard.

It got me thinking, that something is skipping a generation....Something, that I can study and foster, if I were to become privy, aware of it somehow. Teach it and guide it, to be able to compute, 'common sense'.....

Anyways, good talk thanks.

Yes that is interesting.
My mother has always made comments about how much I am like her father in looks and temperament. It does get one to wondering especially as I have another family member who shares the same temperament and looks of her great grandmother who by all accounts was an unreasonable and very violent woman.

I would be very interested to learn how that manifested if you are of a mind to share it. I think I may project the same.

My father was an incredible mathematician, but seemingly had issue with very simple 'common sense'. For example, he would watch TV with a remote control, but would keep the remote control on top of the TV. If he needed to change channel, he would get up and walk over to the TV, pick up the remote, use it, and put it back on the TV and go sit down. Other simple things, that most of us can figure out quite easily, seemed to escape him. But he could teach advanced calculus like a master. He was also a communications expert in the military speaking multiple languages, and he would have no accent when speaking a non-native language.

Sounds like your father matches my personality, and you more match my father's.

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Hubris is a plague of science, particularly. When SARS2 first came to my attention, I was alarmed similarly to how I was affected by 9/11. I watched China crush it's people, and began looking at papers coming from respected journals about SARS2.

It looked terrible. The researchers were reporting symptoms like airborne AIDS, sterility for men, indefinite latency in nerve cells, and asymptomatic transmission for weeks, with a death toll ~10%. I posted what I found, to my present chagrin. I have gone back and looked at some of those early papers, and lo and behold, all the names of the authors were Chinese.

While I am very glad to learn I was misled and SARS2 is far less terrible than I was told by scientists, I am angry that I was misled, and very aware of the principle you are discussing here. Many folks that think they are smart will not change their minds once they have made them up, because that would mean they'd have to admit they were wrong before. Hubris leads them to stand by false statements they have to remain in denial are false in order to protect their egos.

Rational folks, actual scientists, don't do that. When they find out they're wrong instead of trying to hide the fact, they quit being wrong, and change their mind. That requires acknowledging they've made mistakes. It requires humility.

That's the difference between scientism and hubris, and science and humility.

As angry as it makes me to admit it, I have been tricked by propaganda from the CCP posing as scientific research, and I hope anyone that was fooled by the false research I posted has read my more recent discussions and also changed their minds.



It is a task just to find those that don't mind being corrected when they are erroneous. It's usually considered 'arrogance', which is actually a sign that the one being corrected has an issue with their ego.