CANADA IS NOT AUSTRALIA! Finally they are waking up and standing up for liberty in face of Covid-19 Tyranny

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CANADA IS NOT AUSTRALIA! Finally they are waking up and standing up for liberty in face of Covid-19 Tyranny



Last week I re-posted a video entitled Wake Up Australia (Part 2) - Message that should be heard by everyone! which featured a very passionate Australian mate, a citizen who explained exactly what was taking place in Australia and particularly in the province of Victoria with the hell'ish draconian measures being implemented by their tyrannical Governor Daniel Andrews.

The lockdown measures are almost beyond comprehension and seemingly worse than any kind of Martial Law - all on the back of a petty amount of deaths (compared to the population and deaths caused by other illnesses).

Moreover, just a few days ago a pregnant Australian woman was arrested for merely posting support for a rally on her Facebook page.

In short, these absolutely horrendous measures lockdown measures taking place in Australia, New Zealand, and some other countries are showing the masses who exactly is standing for and against tyranny.

Canadians on the Move, Waking Up, Taking ACTION

At least the good news is that more and more citizens are waking up, opening their eyes, and starting to figure out who these political monsters are serving; and they are realizing that it is not them, but rather a globalist malicious group that lurks behind the halls of power.

I was particularly worried about such Covid-19 tyranny taking root in Canada, as I have previously exposed the measures sought and imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam, Canada's top health official, among others, in parts four and five of my exposé on the Covid-19 Plandemic.

Turning the tide, Shift in Consciousness

But recently, I've been largely encouraged by the show of concern, outrage, and courage demonstrated by countless Canadian across the provinces of this great country.

Accordingly, I would like to share are a few instances of that Canadian courage in action as has been recently demonstrated in various rallies across the country.

Last month, on August 15 a huge rally took place in Montreal (the largest city in the province Québec ). It was refreshing to see the attendees and speakers uniting and putting aside usual petty differences of French-vs-English, Quebec-vs-English_Speaking_Provinces nonsense. They were not going to fall for those old divide-and-conquer tactics.

Though some parts are in French, here is one video (More footage from Massive Aug 15, 2020 Montreal Freedom Rally!) from this rally:

An even greater rally took place in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, just a few weeks later on August 29th.

Here is but one of many videos from this event (Parliament Hill Protest In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - August 29th 2020):

More videos can also be viewed from the Humanity Rising which includes numerous speeches that took place at the event.

Another video that I think is of very good quality (if you only have time to watch one, watch this one!) is entitled Ottawa Protest this Saturday, Aug.29: Good News, Protect School Children, Rights and Freedoms as it is packed with quality information with an excellent guest in Doreen Agostino. I highly recommend it and you can watch it hereunder:

The guest Doreen Agostina is highly knowledgeable about the rights Canadians enjoy under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how Canadians can protect themselves against not only against unjust and over-bearing (and some illegal) health measures, but also against censorship (as freedom of speech is guaranteed under the Charter).

More and more people are starting to realize the dangers of some of the health measures that are being implemented as well as harsher ones that are being contemplated by health and governmental authorities.

Resources for Canadians

Though I was aware of many of the following organizations & movements, many were brought to my attention by watching the aforementioned videos.

Here are some excellent resources for Canadians who wish to learn more about their rights and how to stand up for themselves in the face of this scamdemic that is Covid-19:

Also in Other Countries...

Encouragingly, large groups of people have participated in similar rallies in other countries such as Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom which is also encouraging (click the links for related videos).

Maybe the tide is turning, after all.

Spread the word far and wide, as I do truly believe that we are on the cusp of obtaining the critical mass needed to overthrow this globalist tyranny and stop them right in their tracks.

God Bless.

In Peace & Liberty,



This appears to be very grassroots and on-point. For the first time since moving away a year ago, I wish I could be back in Vancouver for this coming Sunday.

Awesome, finally our Canadian Brothers and Sisters are "fighting back" :)

Thanks for the re-blog my friend!

You're welcome ;)

Great more people are waking up 👍

Yes, and it's about time.

Finally, we are starting to see some Activity in Australia:

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Good video

Another UPDATE (on Australia):




The reliability of COVID-19 tests is uncertain due to the limited evidence base. Available evidence mainly comes from symptomatic patients, and their clinical role in detecting asymptomatic carriers is unclear.