IFC Season 2 Championship Round Results.

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital spaceship castle.
Artwork credit - @jimramones on steemit

Hey. :) We're back... Once again took a bit longer than I would have liked this time because I've been extremely busy and tired from being so busy. Thank you for your patience. <3

Despite some significant setbacks in regard to the time it took to judge rounds plus significant less engagement in terms of the amount of players we had and a few other issues, I thoroughly enjoyed season two and I hope some of you did as well. <3

Before I get on to the rest of this post I just want to mention that @youhavewings coincidentally or serendipitiously, or... "synchronistically" showed up just in time to be a guest judge for this championship round!
And... that made me really grateful and happy! :) I hadn't talked to her in quite a while, so the timing was really quite perfect and I don't use the word perfect very often!

I learned a ton of new things this season and a few of my favorite memories were the awesome new song that was created which still needs some more work to make it more complete/official, and also how we started working on a new language!
I can't express enough how much the new language thing excites me and I wonder at how that could turn out in the future if things were to go in a very abundantly positive direction.

I've had a great time chatting with and learning from everyone who participated, whether players or judges or whoever.
I'll try not to get too sentimental, lol... Though, these IFC contests and the people who are involved really do mean a lot to me. I love you all.

Anyways... Ummm... Normally there would be an "All Star" round, but decided not to this time around because participation levels were low.
While that was discouraging, I realize there's numerous reasons for it and I don't plan on giving up.

I think I realize more than ever the potential of this game, I just need to find a way to make it less time consuming for me and I want to be able to provide a prize that is rewarding enough to incentivize more people to play.
I believe I have a solution, however... It might take a while.

I don't think you want to read that much, yet in essence... I want to say that I'm not sure how long it will be until we have season 3 of the IFC.
It's possible I'll fail too, yet... I think when the IFC does come back if nothing tragic happens to prevent such, then... The next season will hopefully have the best rewards and draw more people from other social media sites as I hope to be able to offer cash prizes in the future as there's still a lot of uncertainty there in regard to crypto stuff for many and especially those outside of the crypto scene.

If all goes well, next time there will be a decent cash prize and more people coming from more different places to participate.
Now... Let's move on to the results and find out who our second IFC champion is shall we?

Oh, one more thing. I wanted to mention that @wesphilbin has donated/sponsored both @bengy and @owietus with 5 HBI Units each!
That was very generous of him! I'd also like to say that I met wes only somewhat recently and he's been an extremely nice and friendly individual and I have a lot of respect for him even after only knowing him for a only a short while so far.

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Vote Round 20

@apolymask - To start with I'd like to say that I appreciated owietus's personal and sentimental pictures a lot. I resonated with a decent amount of what was said about all of the subjects and learned a few new things, though disagreed in a few places as well.
I especially liked the part on new beginnings and think that was well worded and put together and left me feeling a bit more inspired.
As someone who loves the subject of the paranormal and spiritual sorts of things I was very intrigued by the potential orbs and that was a neat and unique story, though also skeptical there as well as I've studied the subject of orbs in the past and I know there's various ways in which the camera can malfunction or cause glitches, especially with the newer digital cameras.
Unfortunately it looks like owietus copied some of her article on crystals from other sources on the web without giving proper attribution, I'm not sure if she read the rules or not... But, that is against the rules.

On the other side bengy as usual since the first season did a very thoughtful, detailed and professional looking post and while it may have been a bit less personalized with sentimental photographs and unique stories in relation to supernatural things like orbs and such... It was still really well done and put together and I learned some things.
I especially loved how bengy tied in the "New beginnings" theme and I thoroughly enjoyed his section on time crystals which was new to me, I had to research that stuff for a while before I could even properly respond and I admit I still barely understand it, lol... And I really love learning new things especially about crystals so that was a pretty significant point for bengy.
I didn't agree with a few things bengy said especially in regard to spirituality as I see things to be useful regardless of whether the "masses" have sort of given such a bad image or not, though overall I think bengy put more time and detail into his entry, plus he taught me something that is so fascinating it's still bending my mind and while I thoroughly enjoyed owietus's sentimental and unique entry the copying part of her entry whether she understood what she was doing was a pretty significant thing and the rules are included in all of the round posts so if she didn't read them... That's a bummer, in light of all that... I'm going with 2 points for bengy and 1 point of owietus.

@youhavewings - Bengy
Enjoyed Bengy's explanation of what he terms 'time crystals'. I enjoyed how his mind drifted off into quantum theory, allowing the reader to ride along in his theoretical space trip.
I felt his explanation on spirituality was a little less interesting maybe due to his lack of interest in going deep into this publicly. I felt his use of "I guess" revealed this for me. Perhaps there is a little resentment toward this topic as well...a perspective that spirituality is somehow a means to exploitation rather than a tangible reality. I think if he had even dived into this side of things, he could have made it more interesting as well. It might have served to prompt more emotion, passion against it. This section did not teach me anything nor pull at my heartstrings like this type of topic could have. I felt like he could have dug a little deeper into the personal even though uncomfortable.
I enjoyed reading Bengy's take on Science. My son shares his views on the strength of the scientific method. I really enjoyed the ending of this section where he dives into his inquisitive nature and delivers some interesting philosophical questions on Free Will. This could have been a nice bridge between all the topics.
I thought Bengy bringing the reading back to the beginning with family under the heading of New Beginnings was a wonderful way to end his post. I really liked that connection.

And owietus... Loving sentiments on family with accurate information on how the positive or negative influences can affect our lives.
Her thorough explanation of crystals and their uses, how they work was full of useful information worth knowing or thinking about.
I felt like owietus shared her personal experience with spirituality in a heart felt way and also made room for a wider lens. It was nice that she took the time to share a personal photograph to further present why she feels as she does about her spiritual connection.
I felt like owietus just gave examples of new beginnings instead of weaving together the rest of the topics in a meaningful, personal way.

I'm going to give @owietus 2 points because she gave more information (I learned something) and went into more detail. I would have given 3 if her New Beginnings section was a little more personal instead of a list.
I'm going to give bengi 1 point because I did enjoy how he wrapped up his whole post by connecting New Beginnings with Family. I also enjoyed it when he allowed himself to roam in his thinking of these topics.

@jamesrussell - I am voting 1 for Owietus and 2 for Bengy, as I think while Owietus put out a very interesting article, Bengy's was much more detailed on the structure of the material and the 5 subjects. I did resonate with quite a few points he made as well, even though he had a few parts there that had me scratching my head, his was also a lot more professionally composed and articulated. Owietus's was not very involved, and part of my problem with some of her material was she did not know the crystal information very well and copied about 28% of the section on the crystals without attribution.

@wesphilbin - Looking through @bengy’s entry, I was of course pleased to see the usual awesome content creation; photographs, source, and citation, etc. With each topic selection, he gave quite a personal account of what each topic meant to him, with stories to support his examples. From Time Crystals to New Beginnings with family, and a favorite phrase;
“Science is just another method for answering the big questions that humans have always dealt with…”
I even joined the #classical-music Discord, after reaching the conclusion of @bengy’s post… All in all, a wonderful post for the IFC.

“I have to say this weeks challenge of Family, Crystals, Spirituality, Science and New Beginnings has really piqued my interest and i gave these subjects great thought and enjoyed this challenge.”
Though I would have loved to know if the photos @owietus shared were hers or just taken from the interwebs… they certainly provided support for her entry. As I looked through @owietus’s entry, I could not help but get the feeling that she was versed in things involving spirituality, nature, and Crystallography. Not that @bengy didn’t also convey an understanding just as @owietus did, but perhaps it was the attention to the descriptive nature of said crystals provided by @owietus. Another statement that hit home to me;
“Negative family situations may cause life long emotional damage, stifle creativity, low self esteem, negative outlook on life. Positive family upbringing seems to nurture self-esteem, creativity, positive belief in the future, better ability to get along with others, more stable careers and family relationships of their own.”
Again… being a Moderator for the @theterminal, it’s a habit to ensure users create posts with proper sources and citations for their content. While I would have loved to see this in @owietus’s entry, it doesn’t, to me, make her post any less as awesome as bengy’s.
So what’s your opinion, Wes???
This was an exciting IFC, and I am not going to lie… I am having a VERY hard time choosing a winner. But, after reviewing both entries, I have chosen bengy for the winner. 2 to bengy and 1 to owietus
However… I have always been one to wish everyone to win!!
So, besides whatever prizes they may both be getting, I have sponsored both @bengy and @owietus 5 HBI Units each! Well done to both of you, on this IFC Challenge!

@jizzyjoe - Its an information finding championship so based on these, here are my views
Owietus entry was a quick and straight forward entry, easy to read and a bit interesting. I was actually looking for the spirit orb which came out to play but I guess I didn't catch a view of any.
To be sincere, the first time I read bengy's entry, I slept off about the second paragraph, maybe because it didn't catch my attention at first or it was a bit boring at first or maybe I was already feeling sleepy while reading it. That aside, I later got a better understanding of his post after reading not minding how lengthy he turned it to be
Judging by Information finding of the topic given, I give 1point to Owietus and 2point to bengy for making an indept research on the topic

@viking-ventures - They are both good - in different ways, as always.
I like owietus' thoroughness on each topic, though I did feel she dropped the ball slightly when it came to the science section, tying it quite loosely into the crystals section. (I'm a believer in crystal healing too.)
bengy personalized each of the topics more, which gave a better overall read, even though he also dropped the ball slightly when it was a topic he was less comfortable with.
My scores are: owietus 1 and bengy 2

The total is..

@bengy - 11


@owietus - 7

It looks like @bengy is the winner... Congratulations! You've put quality articles in since season 1 and your championship entry was great as well in my opinion, I think you earned it.
You join the ranks of only one other person so far in the form of @youhavewings and hopefully in time there will be many more champions. <3

I will send the crypto over sometime soon and contact you in regard to the artwork that will be drawn up of you and also once again I just wanted to say that it might take a while to get the crystal trophy sent out to you. Hope you understand, sometimes things move a bit slow around here. I'll need your address over discord or something to send it to you unless you don't want to give it out? Anyways... We'll talk soon on discord and figure out any other details.



I was a little unsure about how to do the leaderboard this season without being too confusing, so... I'm going to put those who have won points from season 2 on top, and will keep those from season 1 on the bottom.

I think at the end of the season I will likely combine both season 1 and 2 scores together. If you played in season 1 you still have your exp and items, I'm just showing it this way so it's easier to keep track of who is in their proper ranking place during the new season.

Also if you scored any points so far you are automatically entered into the finals as it only takes 1 point this season to get entered into the finals. Players from last season will not be entered into the finals unless they score at least 1 point during this new season 2.

Season 2 stats.

@ayushjalan 5-54-0
@jbreheny 3-47-0 previous season score is 1-12-0
@bengy 2-47-0 previous season score is 1-10-0
@leaky20 2-30-0
@shaheerbari 2-25-0
@owietus 1-23-0
@lordless.exile 2-18-0
@plushzilla 0-13-0 previous season score is 3-30-0
@simplymike 1-10-0 previous season score is 1-08-0
@nmcdougal94 1-09-0
@wholeself-in 1-09-0 previous season score is 1-09-0
@ecoinstant 0-09-0
@bloggerkrunal 0-09-0
@mistakili 1-08-0
@bashadow 0-02-0 previous season score is 4-43-1
@quotes-haven 0-01-0
@sassypuffin 0-01-0

Season 1 stats.

kryptocek 6-53-1 Sacred Crystal
bashadow 4-43-1 ???
plushzilla 3-30-0
amariespeaks 3-23-0
har5h 2-59-1 KryptoCheck Shield
iexplore 2-36-0
eaglespirit 2-35-0
mr-bike 2-18-0
youhavewings 2-16-0
jan23com 1-48-1 Occult book + eye
sandrina.life 1-14-0
jbreheny 1-12-0
artgirl 1-11-0
magicalmoonlight 1-11-0
bengy 1-10-0
swolesome 1-09-0
wholeself-in 1-09-0
kenneth1 1-09-0
warpedpoetic 1-09-0
auminda 1-09-0
simplymike 1-08-0
xomegax 1-08-0 now a judge
bitpizza 1-07-0
losthippie 1-07-0
boladayl 1-06-0
noisyboy 1-05-0
giddyupngo 1-05-0
grizzman 0-08-0
deliberator 0-04-0
sophiabydesign 0-02-0
lynncoyle1 0-01-0
nxtblg 0-01-0
yura81 0-01-0
mnallica 0-01-0
lahvista 0-01-0
chrisroberts 0-01-0
laurawhite 0-01-0
beeyou 0-01-0
gerrardihno 0-01-0

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Wow, it has been a lovely ride to have been on since Season 1! Congratulations to @owietus for making it to this stage together with me!

A HUGE thank you to @apolymask for running this contest, I can't say often enough how important it was for me in my early days on this platform to have something enjoyable to write about each week. Some topics and challenges were more attuned to my interests, and others would need a bit more thought... but always enjoyable!

Lastly, a GIGANTIC thank you to the judges. It's a thankless task to read through all the entries, especially when there were many many more every single week. The responses that you gave to all the entries were in-depth and really explained what you like and disliked about each entry. Definitely an engaging read as well!

Looking forward to getting to Season 3 with you all. Now that the crypto bull run is on, I'm sure that we will have many new people that will have started blogging... and like me in the early days, will be also looking for a hook to keep the creative juices flowing for their next post!

I've really enjoyed assisting with judging in these IFC Challenges.

@bengy and @owietus I have also enjoyed reading your entries... learning about your thoughts and feelings on all of these topics. As @apolymask stated, I have added a special bonus to you both of 5 HIVE Basic Income Units for your entries...

Screenshot from my PeakD wallet

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Congrats to @bengy and @owietus, its been a wonderful time reading both your entry and I'm glad for the privilege given to judge this season.

Congratulations to the winner of the championship round, it was quite fun to play this season up until the Corona point after which I couldn't participate in some rounds. Will be back for the next season hopefully and best of luck to everyone.

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