OFFICIAL HIVE MARKETING PROPOSAL - "Ignite Visibility partnership"

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This is the final marketing proposal. Follow link to vote.


A 4 month, all encompassing marketing campaign with possible extension in Email marketing, advertising, PR, influencer marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Ignite Visibility. A high profile, multiple times awarded, TOP 10 US marketing agency.

Because HIVE can have top level marketing. Serious projects have serious partners.


For the last few months I've been working with a US based marketing agency, "Ignite Visibility", on developing a custom marketing campaign for HIVE. It was a challenging but productive experience.
A few times now I have taken feedback from the community on the approach we should be taking. The campaign has been adjusted based on that feedback.
In the following post i will cover each channel that will be used for marketing HIVE with ultimately the fee (condensed) being shared for each. The complete fee structure breakdown will be shared at the end of the post.

Ignite Visibility client highlight, honors and awards

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1. CRO - Conversion rate optimization:

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CRO relates to creating a system for increasing the percentage of visitors converted into customers. In case of HIVE it relates to converting visitors to and frontends into Hive users/investors. Concretely what CRO includes is the following:

⇢ Customer Research Audit, Landing Page/templates Review & Recommendations
⇢ Landing Page LoFi Wireframe
⇢ Wire Frame Development & Implementation
⇢ Ongoing Optimization & Testing
⇢ Onsite Conversion Recommendations & Implementation (Heatmapping, pop ups, etc.)
⇢ Pop-Up Management
⇢ A/B Testing Experiments

Due to the complexity of the HIVE platform, in regards to the final results, a custom system will be created that will utilize traditional metric tracking through tools like Moz and SEMrush as well as pulling data directly from the blockchain. This is where the extremely helpful data provided by community members like @arcange, @dalz, @penguinpablo etc. will come into play.
The goal is funneling as many users as possible into Dapps of their interest and/or trading pairs on various exchanges where HIVE is traded.
Feedback, efficient solutions and materials (pop-ups for example) will also be provided to any frontend, like @peakd, Hiveblog, @leofinance for example, interested in receiving them.
Ignite Visibility has shared some tips ahead of time with more concrete solutions coming later on. I find this channel extremely important and by looking at some results where CRO was utilized, I was assured that this is an essential addition for our marketing campaign.

Monthly fee: $1687.5

2. Influencer Marketing:

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The community has recognized influencer marketing as an essential part of any future HIVE marketing campaign. For that reason it was an important part of my discussions with Ignite Visibility.
When I mentioned, in the opening short summation, "serious projects having serious partners", this is one of the channels, in my opinion, where that will show the most.

Ignite Visibility will use its developed web of contacts to approach influencers for us, their already established reputation and very high standing in the industry opening many more doors than any of us individually could open.
Their primary goal will not be finding influencers for us to spend a part of the budget on but rather, first and foremost, attracting likeminded individuals with large followings that share our HIVE values of decentralization, freedom of speech and censorship resistance.
We often forget that HIVE has a strong message to send out and it already does so many of the things millions of people in the mainstream crave.

How many times have you seen on twitter or on facebook influencers asking for "a censorship resistant platform where you cannot be banned for speaking your mind", not being aware that such a thing already exists here on HIVE?
Did that not frustrate you? Your comment below their post getting lost in the noise, not reaching their ear. Well now we can work to fix that.

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Ignite Visibility, again, has a vast array of tools at their disposal (ex. Traackr) that will help them determine potential targets most suited for our needs. The ultimate goal is not a "one off mention/shoutout" but rather an onboarding with staying power or an ongoing partnership.
We have also determined that celebrity endorsements, the likes of which we have seen just a few days ago backfiring in Justin Suns latest stunt, will not be pursued. There are far better ways to utilize the budget.
One more thing to mention is that in case their base service provides significant results without us having to spend our budget, the funds will be set aside, either used elsewhere or returned back to the DHF at the end of the 4 month contract period.

Monthly service fee: $2000

Proposed monthly influencer budget: $3000

3. Advertising Campaign:

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This is potentially the most straight forward marketing channel to cover so I will try and keep it short.
Ignite Visibility will create and manage our advertising campaign on legacy social media sites as well as other targeted sites. They will provide creative services by creating industry standard banner ads optimized for the targeted audience.

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The projected results for this channel alone, not including influencer, email marketing or any other indirect effect of this partnership, is projected to be 750 new users a month.

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Monthly service fee: $3000

Proposed monthly advertising budget: $10000
(From second month, month 1 will be used for analysis and content creation for the advertising campaign)

4. Digital PR:

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Digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers and influencers and send online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions and improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

As an extension of the influencer marketing channel Ignite Visibility will provide us with PR services as well.
To get a more precise grasp of how they will provide this service, the following are their presented methods used for digital PR:

⇢ Journalist Response Requisition
⇢ Press Releases
⇢ Unlinked Mention Monitoring
⇢ Endemic & Non-Endemic Outreach
⇢ Guest Blogging Outreach & Writing
⇢ Story Brainstorming & Pitching
⇢ Broken Link Outreach
⇢ Competitive Backlink Gap Analysis
⇢ Citation Sourcing
⇢ Top-Profile Creation
⇢ Directory Listings (Local Only)
⇢ Media List Creation

This includes publishing articles and press releases, working on product features and reviews, affiliate marketing, nurturing journalist and content writing contacts to secure press hits, using social media to gain exposure and building brand trust through online reviews.
When approaching Ignite Visibility for PR, one of my examples was the brilliantly written article by a Decrypt journalist covering the STEEM/Justin Sun story. There is so much about HIVE that would be interesting to new tech bloggers/journalists we will be focusing on with this channel.

These Digital PR strategies have a positive impact on a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when done well.

Monthly service fee: $2250

5. Email Marketing:

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Email marketing allows you to create targeted and personalized messages. This can help us build meaningful relationships with our users.

Email marketing has been one of my personal requests to be added to HIVEs all encompassing marketing campaign. When done in a tasteful and professional way I have seen it do wonders. I have also seen it work on me multiple times.
A professionally done email marketing campaign conveys a message to the user of a vibrant and active community and business. The important thing is to not overdo it!
There are many things that can be included in the messages.

Check out this cool travel post about Tibet by @xyz!
Hey, here is the new music video by @zxy!
Heres whats in with the latest #HIVE news!?
The most recent Dapp addition to the ecosystem!
Dapp airdrop coming!

I find email marketing essential for maintaining engagement over a longer period of time by reminding the user that HIVE is a dynamic, constantly growing ecosystem with new and interesting things happening every day.

Snimka zaslona (112).png

On the backend of things covered by Ignite Visibility the system is much more complex than it might seem at first glance. Alongside with creating the content such as "Welcome series automations" and "email capture pop-ups" they will be doing analytics and optimization of this channel throughout these 4 months.
The services they will provide related to this channel will be the following:

⇢ Build out a Welcome Series automations that aligns first welcome touch with incentive on email capture overlay to increase conversion rates and enhance subscriber experience
⇢ Capitalize on web traffic by building out onsite email captures
⇢ A/B test appearance logic, incentive, and creative
⇢ Increase capture conversion rates with nano bar across site and adding incentive to
footer email capture
⇢ Test exit intent overlays to visitors potentially leaving the site as well as cart abandon
overlays to mitigate cart abandons
⇢ Develop and utilize subscriber attributes and behavior for key send segments
⇢ Testing and optimization

Monthly service fee: $4000

6. Budgeting:

As I stated in my multiple posts and comments during my time working on this partnership, my focus would be creating a proposal for us that offers us mainstream and industry level marketing but does not overburden the DHF. For that reason there have been a number of delays of posting this proposal because I asked for multiple fee structure revisions.
I feel I have achieved that.
I have also stated that I would leave it to the community to decide any of my personal compensation for the work over these last 4 months but to speed this along I will waive any personal upfront compensation (in case this has significant results I will consider creating another proposal). @ausbitbank created a nice little page for tipping, any of you feel appreciative of the work, heres a link.

1 time onboarding and initial content creation fees: $6900 USD

TOTAL BUDGET (Ignite Visibility): $98,500 USD


Banking fees 2% + $20

Snimka zaslona (116).png

Due to the way the DHF pays out funds, in order to not have to wait 4 months to accumulate the funds the daily payout will be set to 1620 HBD a day.
The proposal will run for 4 months ( just a bit more than 2 are needed for funding) leaving enough time for everyone to be made aware of the proposal. The proposal will be be either canceled on fund accumulation or the funds used for the potential continuation of the proposal.

I will look into the possibility of forwarding the onboarding fees as soon as they are payed out by the DHF so they can start working on the campaign ASAP.
Since I will be personally signing the contract under my name, I would be exposed to too much risk to consider a month to month payment, due to the possibility of stakeholders simply stopping voting the proposal. For that reason we would need to accumulate as much funds as we can in the shortest amount of time. 1620 HBD seemed a good number that would not overburden the DHF.


On top of that I will ask for 20 HBD a day for my services during the next 4 months. This does not include the last 4 months of work I have done and is more of a courtesy payment that helps satisfy the tax ministry in Croatia. The work done already and in the future is not in any way reflected with this budget.

Because I would be taking on risk by receiving almost 25K USD to my personal account, the IRS (equivalent) has recommended when reporting these deposits I report the personal fee received so that amount can be taxed. Due to the gains tax in Croatia on crypto being 10%, the total amount of tax payed in this whole process will be $60.
Knowing the taxes those living in the US have to pay I consider this a bargain and a very important part of the value I am personally offering to HIVE.

Some of my future services:

⇢ I will be personally signing the contract under my name. All information from my side will be made public.
⇢ I will provide regular reports on the results of the campaign.
⇢ I will maintain constant contact with the agency and join their weekly/monthly calls. (witnesses and DAPP founders will be encouraged to join)
⇢ I will organize interviews with Ignite Visibility CTO, with prominent crypto youtubers I have personal contact with.
⇢ I will organize AMAs with Ignite Visibility for the HIVE community to partake in.


There is very little needed to be said here. I have brought you industry level marketing to the HIVE blockchain. 1 year without marketing has passed since we split from STEEM. 5 years without marketing during STEEM has passed as well.

Lets finally change that!


Do you then have suggestions on what is needed to keep users on the platform once you do marketing to get them here?

At @peakd we have thought a lot about what we want to promote to our users we created a post all about this yesterday ... short answer True Ownership and Communities.

It seems to me that marketing is a lot about EXPECTATIONS... in particular expectations that excite people to act

This is an excerpt from that post...


So if your proposal is successful my advice is to think about the expectations that are set by the text of the marketing so that users are both excited and are here for a reason that is more permenant and not something that is dependent on others or fluctuating like the price of hive or the hive-rewards-pool ... that particular feature has been used to promote hive in the past and it has not worked in my opinion to keep people here.

Educating users is included in the proposal. They will be creating materials that educate the user on basics. I didnt put up that slide. Anyone interested in going through the whole proposal, its about 80-90 slides, can DM me.
The community will play a part in retention but if Im going to mention one channel... creating mailing lists and email marketing will play a big part in that.
Influencer marketing first goal is onboarding influencers, having them create their communities here. etc.

So if your proposal is successful my advice is to think about the expectations that are set by the text of the marketing so that users are both excited and are here for a reason that is more permenant and not something that is dependent on others or fluctuating like the price of hive

Im glad you pointed to this. Rewards will ofc be mentioned indirectly, but rewards will NOT be the primary marketing message. The focus will be ideologically and interest based.

I would also very much like one of you guys from Peakd to join in a call if this passes with Ignite and give them your thoughts. The more feedback they get the more precise the messages will be.

Influencer marketing should be the best solution for this. Also, guest posts on tech sites should get people that have a better understanding of things like this.

Avg. people will always be skeptical about everything.

First, they need to hear about more sources, then they want to know " what is this".

Blogging platforms in general have a very high "leave rate". short massaging can fit it. Also games and other cool apps.

It needs time for the dream of universal log in with hive :)

It is the most coherent marketing proposition that I have seen for a long time and I am impressed by the quality of the preparatory work which has been carried out, including on the consideration of the financing aspects linked to the functioning of the DHF.

This is not only reassuring but foreshadows the results we can hope to derive from it.

I will be delighted to put my skills in terms of data collection and statistics at the service of this project.

Thank you for your vote of confidence.
I did not want to comment on the preparatory work beyond the basics but lets say that there were a basket full of duds as well as multiple roadblocks before the right potential partnership was chosen.
None of that matters.

What matters is what comes next... if the proposal passes ofc.

Great initiative that could have a big impact on our ecosystem!
The direction that the marketing will take is important though, so it's great that you want to bring in the witnesses and devs on it.
I only have one question before voting. Since you want the proposal to be paid before due date (which is understandable in that case), will you set the receiving account as a multisig with another trusted member of our community?
I do think that you have the best interest of Hive in mind, but we can render this completely trustless.

Since you want the proposal to be paid before due date (which is understandable in that case), will you set the receiving account as a multisig with another trusted member of our community?

I would be open to that as I have stated in my previous posts related to the marketing proposal. I would agree to a multisig with either @blocktrades or @theycallmedan.
I would still have to handle the funds by myself at one point once it arrives to my banking account so I dont see the point really.

I do think that you have the best interest of Hive in mind, but we can render this completely trustless.

I hope my returning of 60 000 USD last week to the platform and burning them helped increase trust in my actions at least a little bit. But yes, if this is in any way an obstacle, I would consider a multisig on my account.

It would have been a good idea to use a separate account for the proposal, even if it is currently under your sole control. This would have made it possible to avoid sharing the security / finance of your personal account and it would have made things easier. Just my 2 cents ;)

That is true but as I mentioned I would eventually have to handle the funds myself at some point. The best a multisig would do is keep my HP account value from me. My information is already public and I really am not interested in a class action lawsuit. lol
A multisig would not do much but if theres enough HP requiring it I dont have an issue with that.

The only case mutisig would make sense, if a trusted third party like the ones you mentioned could have the opportunity to verify various disbursements were received by Ignite prior to approving subsequent disbursements. Beyond that it would be pointless.

verify various disbursements were received by Ignite prior to approving subsequent disbursements.

Hmm. How do you consider that could work? Why would Ignite approve the payment before receiving it?
The only way I see this working is if I powered up the monthly equivalent of the proposal and gave multisig on my account. For that amount for me to lock and give keys to id need prior compensation approved for my work.
I have some crypto money, I can risk 7k, but 24k is a bit too much to risk for $600 a month. 🙂

I wasn't trying to imply it could work, just stating that it was the only type of scenario where multisig would be useful.

I was hoping you had a solution. 😅
If this passes ill be willing to double my HP and do a multisig. If I get compensated for the work ill be willing to meet the 24k USD account value equivalent to the monthly proposal and lock it with multisig.
But as i said, all my info will be public, the law should be assurance enough.

I really do feel thats offering plenty from my side. Ill even sign whatever Brianoflondon writes up. I gave the community 200k HIVE back i had the keys of. I honestly feel this convo is superfluous.
Anyone have a good solution, im all ears.

I think we don't need this. Simple because he has to pay the guys with fiat. It would be pointless to have multisig for it.

I also see it really unlikely lordbutterfly does any shady stuff.

Maybe someone pay with a crypto credit card that accepts hive ( like finance ones?) that can maybe work.

Not sure.

Would be interesting for future stuff.

This is by FAR the best edited text I have seen on any proposal that I have voted!

The first line of the proposal clearly states what it does. Something I wished so much, that other proposals say on the first line.

A 4 month, all encompassing marketing campaign with possible extension in Email marketing, ad campaign, PR, influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization.

Overall very professionally written!

Good luck! We all need it.

Thank you. Their proposal is 80 pages long so I took from it what I could and summed up the rest.


Just voted for this proposal with my 3 Hive accounts (and gave you a follow as well!) @lordbutterfly! I think that in combination with the Twitter 1st Marketing Proposal that @nathanmars is spearheading this will be very good for all things Hive!

I'm looking forward to keeping UP with all the developments in these two marketing campaigns going forward! #KeepUP the great work!


Supporting this proposal should be a no-brainer for anyone who understands the importance of market visibility.

While @lordbutterfly lacks communication skills at times. I absolutely think he is trustworthy and has done excellent prep work on this proposal.

Thank you for the support. Voting this regardless of our past shows character, but I cannot back down from what I said in the past regarding your actions or chalk it up to my "lack of communication skills". I think my communication skills are fairly decent. 😄
What I can say is that I hope you will change your ways, earn a sort of redemption with the community because I have always felt, and that has not changed, that you have very useful skills that HIVE would benefit from.

I don't care what you say about me. I'm not seeking your approval for my views.

I do think you are trustworthy and this proposal would greatly benefit Hive. I hope you have success getting it approved.

I will vote for this despite some of the things you have said to me. Hive is for everyone and not just those you think it is for. Good luck.

haha. Well, if you recall, "Hive is for everyone" is what I said to you.
Glad youre done with the politics tweets though. ;)

Thx for the vote.

lol just shut up and take the damn vote 😄


I usually don't like marketing and prefer word of mouth.

But the proposal is too good to refuse. I can see massive efforts went into this, will vote it.

What do you think the word of mouth will be if folks learn HIVE has partnered with a high profile marketing agency like this?


😉Thx for your support and thx for the tip

Few questions after reading your proposal.
I'm not a marketing expert, far from that, but I have some opinions about marketing.

When you ask someone to sell/advertise your product there are automatically 2 things that come in my mind, you have to know the product and the target audience.
Target audience I guess could be the easy part but do they know the product? what is the best part of the product? What are the weaks! Do they know all this? How product was explained and who have explained?

I will give an example, in my opinion the best part of hive is not the technology, there are at least 5 or 6 forks of steem, the best part of hive is the people and dapps on top of product (hive).

Saying this I'm happy with the proposal and initiative. Just "concerned" with the product thing.

First of all, I am not against the proposal itself and my concerns are not with @lordbutterfly or his credibility here. My concerns are all related to the workflow because for almost a year now I've been personally involved with promotional initiatives on Hive.

Initial concerns with workflow:

  • I would like to see metrics from this company on ROI and success levels of previous similar campaigns. They provided a few in the email section but nothing for other types of campaigns. There should also be examples of similar previous campaigns for clients of similar magnitude to Hive (even if not in same field).

  • How are they proposing to work with Hive to obtain the required information? It is not possible for one individual to be feeding them information because this is just beyond the capability of any one person.

  • Press releases must be carefully crafted and vetted to make sure there are no issues. A mistake such as calling us "HIVE Blockchain" could have serious impacts and would be incorrect. We are referred to in specific ways and we use specific terms to describe ourselves to promote uniformity and cohesion of message. Are we assuming they are willing to give us the appropriate level of client service and consideration or has this workflow been discussed?

I would like to see metrics from this company on ROI and success levels of previous similar campaigns.

This is a reasonable request. I will inquire for previous campaign results examples.

How are they proposing to work with Hive to obtain the required information? It is not possible for one individual to be feeding them information because this is just beyond the capability of any one person.

I am very flexible :).... but yes, including interested individuals as well as using group participation will be important when it comes to a robust proposal as this.

Press releases must be carefully crafted and vetted to make sure there are no issues.


Agree with the 3 points 👍

Let's freakin go!

Finally a relevant marketing proposal...

Whether or not this proposal will pass will determine how disappointed I am with the community.

 last year (edited)

nah man, hive proposal system is just infantile. check out how HIVE proposals get funded ON @hellotelos hahga ANOTHER chain that IS GRATEFUl to us for being what made them as an eosio chain, get it?

check it out make a proposal showing the need of your hive thing, explain why telos and hive must work together, promise a lil "Powered buy TELOS WPS" on all your HIVE POSTS, just liek steemit integrated with TRX?: well HIVE can use TELOS smart contracts WHICH LEO ALREADY will END UP doing SINCE, IT USES ETHEREUm and ETHEREUM users can use TELOS as a METAMASK NETWORK in TELOS EVM .... VIRTUAL MACHINE.... ethereum virtual machine..... on telos... so yeah everyone will END UP on Telos "The End"

lets have you post some proposals, u can watch them on or better yet

post one ABOUT HIVE and THEY WILL PROBABLY fund you and they have $300,000+ a month to give out

we can MERGE hive and telos this way its easy


Telos can't be that great . Appics announced they were going to Telos over 6 months ago and said it would be sorted in 4 to 6 weeks. 6 months later.....

Better than I could have done. You are quite a controversial character here, but anything is better than nothing. You have my support.


You are quite a controversial character here.

Well, I find HIVE being ranked #234 on Coingecko the controversial thing. ;)

Is your goal primarily to bring people to Hive or to increase the value of the Hive token?

The marketing focus will be on both based on visitor shown interest. That is why CRO and landing page design adjustments are so important in this case. Advertising segments will be picked based on both investor/user parameters.

Just wondering if you were using our place in the market cap as your barometer for success. It seemed that way in your previous post. What will be the barometer used to judge the success of this marketing company? How will we measure their work and success?

market cap as your barometer for success.

My personal belief is that HIVEs current position in MC is an atrocity by crypto and real world standards with everything we have to offer and i have pinpointed the lack of marketing as the main culprit.
I have said that openly many times. I have also said it openly that a balance must be struck between focusing on attracting users and investors. That is the goal of this proposal.
The success of this marketing campaign will be measured based on 3 things.

  1. Industry standard metrics used by Ignite.
  2. Onchain metrics, users, comments, posts, power ups, powerdowns etc.
  3. Market cap change.


So as it seems quite expensive so it needs solid results but i can see the massive effort being put in here and this is GREAT stuff. If the funding puts a strain on the price of Hive it would be counter intuitive though i think. Im not completely convinced it will work but we can only try. Word of mouth from influential people is the only real way if you ask me, Youtubers basically talking about Hive. New things always create hype so the older things get the harder it becomes.

My personal note:

Please do a full 360 ° on dapps and content.
There needs to be all social networking portals mentioned but games mentioned too.

I am the developer of the EXODE sci fi game on HIVE, and I made at least five submissions to hivedapps which never came through (hello there @therealwolf if you come by :D ), and by that I don't blame anything, I just point out: that it can be hard for you to know how to present HIVE and its dapps.

Social networking, voting, etc are all good but in my opinion it's more part of the base infrastructure that the future HIVE can also grow with. HIVE is doing more and used for more!

EXODE falls into the category of real games but also being in real alpha although we are moving forward. So I am not really "preaching my own game"; I am all involved here - and hey here is out last year teaser and some screens :D - but alpha means it's not the best sellable point right now.

But still I want to "pray our gaming church". Games are important for people to notice something they can use. And they can use HIVE for that!

So, be gamey! bring gamers too!

and I made at least five submissions to hivedapps which never came through (hello there @therealwolf if you come by :D )

Sorry, must have missed it. Approved the submission, data should be updated within an hour.

The no brainer of no brainers.


Fantastic proposal man, hope it gets funded ASAP!

Thank you. The sooner its funded the sooner we can set in motion so many things we have planned.

This is a strong proposal that could take HIVE blockchain to the next step of awareness and bringing new users onboard. While it has a steep budget, I think that the gains might surpass it. Nevertheless if we don't try it, we don't know it so we need to move into the marketing tools and see the results. Good luck with this endeavour!

Thank you. For the amount of services received from such a high class marketing partner I consider this a steal. The CTO of the company has already gone ahead and purchased HIVE simply on my pitch. Their service fees are lower because of his personal interest.
If you look at the breakdown, just the advertising budget+influencer budget account for 50% of the monthly fee.


We know hive is superior. Now more people need to know about it. I appreciate your work.

Good shit I vote.

I hope the PR is done right, some points don't fit blockchain in general :D It's more about the memes :D

Success or not. It is worth voting.

The only thing I would really want is for all data and results to get shared on reports. So we can learn for future marketing campaigns what is working and what is a waste.

If we get for the 100k 10k more active users, it is worth it.


The only thing I would really want is for all data and results to get shared on reports.

Everything will be shared.


That looks great!


Hive and techs always behind in marketing. I hope this will help hive to come out of it comfort zone. Already a lot happening on hive and with a great marketing we can turn it into something great. Retention rate is that really matters. You have my vote. Good Luck Hive.

Looks neat and nice initiative. You got my support 👍


You have my sword! And my axe!

😉 Appreciated.

I see you've gathered quite a few of them already! It's high time Hive received recognition it deserves

Zrzut ekranu 2021-03-04 094616.png

The proposal is doing well. Im hoping more smaller accounts would see the proposal as well.

That's why I created a post in Polish about your proposal

BTW where can I check who has voted on a proposal?

Thank you. I love Polish people. They make up 70% of my summer guests in Croatia.:)

You can check who voted on the right side once you open the proposal link. You just click "view all".


I'm 200% behind this proposal.

@bensworld @janaliana @captainquark los mal es bizli werbig unterstütze :)

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Thanks for the effort.


I skipped the bit about blowjobs but voted for the proposal

Youve mistaken the proposal. Thats my other one. 🤔😄


What product is to be marketed exactly, the blog for new users, or the blockchain to developers?

The whole ecosystem will be marketed. Dapps for users and the cryptocurrency for investors. Segment targeted will be based on recognized interests most suited to us. New tech, censorship resistance, freedom of speech, crypto, finance, etc. (for example) A precise strategy will be developed as information is gathered. This goes for influencers we will contact as well as the advertising campaign.
I have listed some tools that will be used in the above post.

If I may offer some constructive criticism regarding the proposal.

  • Marketing Goals are not clearly defined. The only measurable goal I find in the proposal is 750 new users a month from the ad campaign, with a monthly budget of 10k. I think you could find better value for that spend no?.
  • Without clearly defined objectives the results will be nearly impossible to objectively measure. Goals need to be measurable, especially when spending other people's money.
  • The proposal appears to be sole sourced. Have you considered starting with a RFP in order to solicit competitive bids?

While I agree that certain aspect of the HIVE blockchain would benefit from the undertaking of marketing activities, I don't see this proposal being successful in it's current form without addressing the issues I've highlighted above.

Would you be open to sharing a little bit about yourself, for example your professional background, your LinkedIn, and any prior relationship to the Ad Agency in question. I think this additional transparency would bolster the proposal, wishing you luck!

Marketing Goals are not clearly defined. The only measurable goal I find in the proposal is 750 new users a month from the ad campaign

That is not a goal. That is a projected result. Goals have been clearly defined.
750 new users or $13 per user relates to onboarding with certain staying power.
The impressions will be in hundreds of thousands to millions.

Without clearly defined objectives the results will be nearly impossible to objectively measure.

The objectives are clearly defined. Results will be extremely precisely measured both based on industry standards metrics as well as our own onchain metrics everyone has access to.

The proposal appears to be sole sourced. Have you considered starting with a RFP in order to solicit competitive bids?

We have received competing bids and I can say they are not competitive in any way. I have personally contacted over a dozen agencies, vetted them myself, more info in earlier posts, and the HIVE blockchain has received a bid from Ditto.PR that offered some consulting for 10k a month. Nothing that was in any way competitive. My focus when working on this campaign was solely on precise and concrete marketing work.

Would you be open to sharing a little bit about yourself, for example your professional background, your LinkedIn, and any prior relationship to the Ad Agency in question. I think this additional transparency would bolster the proposal, wishing you luck!

Sure. I want to emphasize that I would not be doing any marketing myself, the agency would.
I have an MBA in management and own a tourism business. More precisely 9 apartments on the Adriatic coast and two excursion boats (Apartments Neli,
I do not want to advertise my personal information in comments but it is public information and copies of signed contract will be shared with my name on it.
I did not have any prior contact with this agency.

I was hoping for more comments like this so thank you.

Gets my vote, looks like a game changing proposal coming at the right time with all the communities out there for niche interests, tokens, crypto... the works!

Thank you for the support.

This is the first Real marketing proposal I have seen. I am just a user, I hope it goes through, I know it seems like a lot of funds, but advertising is not cheap and you have done a great job presenting this, Thank you.

In the end wer all users. :)

Yes, and I really appreciate all the effort you have put into finding and having developed a real advertising plan.


I believe this can work, teach us what doesn't work, or both. So I voted for it.

Looks awesome. Happy to support your proposal. Good luck :)

I will be very pissed off if this proposal doesn't get funded soon, it's the best marketing proposal I've seen so far and should be some consensus about this.

Let's give it a shot, especially during a bull market and see what happens, supported. May the Hive be with you.

I think it's not the way to go, but I'll vote for it. You have my support.

Thank you, but if you feel its not the way to go, do not vote it. Say why its not the way. That breeds discussion and lets others make up their mind based on informed or uninformed arguments of either side.

!BEER , Nah I think you deserve support. People should vote this into existence.

Hey @lordbutterfly, here is a little bit of BEER from @manniman for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

To your question, I think small marketing budgets spend on the overall HIVE Marketing can not achieve great success. You play the game of the biggest and highest valued companies in the entire world. If you take 100k and push one community into existence, that'll be an achievable task.

Pushing all HIVE, hmmm, you're up against the universe itself. All systems are energetically balanced, meaning it'll take a lot of external energy to achieve your goals. By following this axiom, I can only hope people will start following your lead into the offensive, otherwise, you might burn out pretty fast.

I am hoping to pull others behind this as well. I will look for additional incentives ultimately getting witnesses and dapp founders to contribute.
I would say im fairly resilient in that regards and will not get burned out, but we will see.
I came into this knowing its not easy to get the ball rolling and that sometimes it will be an uphill battle.
But you have to try it. A point came where someone had to give it a shot.
Ill do my best and if the universe decides not to reward us for the effort... well, ill accept that and any criticism that may come my way.

u deserve funds and donos just for that cool imaghe! donated or well i tried but keychain is broken lol

hive needs to pay for some actual infrastructure and get on scatter or now, ANCHOR from @jesta like i to9ld them to, we nee dto maybe have @vessel back etc or have a metamask network and use telos virtual machine directly for metamask like telos EVM and run hive as a smart contract in telos which has DSTOR which can help RUN the hive WITNESSES INSIDE telos EOSIO virtual machine

ok switched nodes got it workin lol heres over 1 hive

if we ALL gave you 1 hive u could afford this soryt of thing all the time!


You will always be an enigma to me Ackza but I appreciate the vote of confidence. 😉

My question is with the target audience. Is it only from the USA? Would the campaigns be only in English or another language?

I would like to have more details of the segmentation

In the same way, I will vote on the proposal

Just do whatever, do it well, and don't fuck this up.

Ill do my best.

That's not good enough!


very good work you did there, voted! 🙃


Ned tried that and failed, good luck. Dan tried that and failed, good luck. They both ran away with the spoon, are you going to do the same. Lets find, soon.

Awesome proposal. I'm in. Awesome proposal. Good luck!

I’m very excited about this! Also having Peakd on the call with Ignite makes a lot of sense. Thanks @lordbutterfly.

Sounds like an awesome proposal. Marketing is one of the most neglected areas for this blockchain and DApps. Also congrats on the funding and the support from the community.

The Email part of the proposal I dont think would help us, but the rest I think is ok!

I would greatly disagree but i see some have pointed to that as well. For that reason i have asked for a successful email marketing campaign to be shared by them from one of their previous clients.

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the March 1st Hive Power Up Day

1 year without marketing has passed since we split from STEEM. 5 years without marketing during STEEM has passed as well.

Good marketing campaign has been floated around on many occasions, on-boarding from one place into Hive offering instruction, amalgamate all front ends trying to achieve this, people will decide once on Hive where they prefer to publish from.

Otherwise this looks a logical way to move Hive forward. Shared and will go through again.

Thumb up doble 1.jpg

@lordbutterfly Now that the proposal has been approved, when do you think the marketing campaign will start?

Ill have more precise info tomorrow.

Thank you @lordbutterfly for putting this together, and doing such a thorough job of research and good presentation of the proposal.

I am also really glad this got such quick approval! We have spent a very long time talking about marketing, but all it has ever been is talk, usually disintegrating into arguments about "who can do it better," after which nothing happens. A big applause to you for just doing this.

In the past, it seems like one of the points of contention has been that of "official" marketing/advertising vs. "word of mouth." The point I will restate here is BOTH, because they work together.

"Official" marketing actually supports grassroots marketing because when people tell their friends about Hive they no longer start with a "blank page" and fight the uphill battle from there, now they — if the marketing is doing its job — more likely start from a point of "oh yeah, I've HEARD of that. So you are involved?"

Like it or not, "official" marketing can lend a kind of psychological legitimacy to our own grassroots publicity efforts.

Anyway, got my vote!

God I hope all this culminates in this effort being worth something

Hi @lordbutterfly,
I just found out about this proposal and voted it with my accounts, good stuff.
Marketing people are so pricey but it's probably worth it!

We could try to use the youtuber DataDash as influencer.

  • He has 400K followers interested in crypto
  • He does sponsored reviews of projects (not sure how much he asks)
  • Back in July '19 he put Steem in his top 10 coins for the year 2020 - see min 4:45   👇

Hi @lordbutterfly, did you see this?
Cc: @guiltyparties

Good job! time for your AMA 😀

@lordbutterfly what is the approach you are taking with HBD being valued at more than $1?

Do you plan to increase marketing spending or return extra cash to the DAO?

Ill stop the proposal once enough is accumulated.

You could send extra funds to @hbdstabilizer it will return even more HBD to the DAO

You and the team clearly have an education background in marketing.

Can I ask, why are you leaving out video marketing? Use as an advertisement, and promotion of dTupe and 3Speak?

Did this ever happen??


Its happening right now.

This is epic. I'm so psyched. And I'm deeply appreciative of all your efforts, your team's, Ignites, and anyone else involved.

This is a nice article. The content is very nice and simple to read. You are simply describing the marketing proposal. Keep going and please support the site also

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About freaking time :-)
We waited for 5 years.