I'm Impressed By The Hive Community!

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Hi everyone! I have been wanting to write this quick post for a few days.

As many of you may know, I was one of the early users of Steemit and have been publishing independent media content for a long time. I've been facing unprecedented censorship in the past couple of years, getting worse with each and every month.

I was really happy to find Steemit back in 2016. It really helped me grow and reach a new community. Of course the days of Steemit were short lived. What I mean by that is that they had amazing potential, but in some cases greed, in other cases lack of care for the sit lead to my incremental disappointment with the original platform.

It lead to amazing opportunities and helped many other platforms grow into pretty great alternatives as well, but with everything that's been happening lately, it's more clear than ever that its days are behind it. There are still some people clinging on and I have utmost respect for them, but I've been really happy to start posting here on Hive.

Here on Hive I've found a community incrementally growing that reminded me a lot of the early days of Steemit but with far more efficiency. I back myself up on many alternative platforms and I appreciate them all, but I wanted to reach out to you all posting here on Hive and say "Well done!"

This is quickly growing into its own entity with its own identity based on the way things SHOULD have been at Steemit years ago.

I'm anxious to see how this platform grows and the care that's taken to ensure it keeps growing.

Stay tuned for new videos my friends. Thanks for reading! :)

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Cool... happy to see you go post more 👌😊 just not stop what you do.

I support hive with all my might. I pray they see their vision to the end

I pray for the same!

Fake anarchist, egomaniac, and profiteer - Josh "I need money or I'll be on the street any day now" Signurdson!

Being against all government makes me a fake anarchist? Seems legit. Egomaniac? Profiteer? I make around 400 dollars a month and am homeless. I live in Mexico in a small airbnb and have no possessions. You're funny though.

Great to hear. Looking forward to your new videos.

Thanks! :)

Wow, good to see you on Hive

Good ideas must be supported! :)

Censorship resistance and community power are what Hive is all about. Welcome to hive! I hope you can gradually develop this into your main base!

Definitely consider posting your video content to @threespeak / https://3speak.online/
or check out some of the new communities on Hive.

Me too. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Hopefully Hive will become what Steemit could have been.

Thank you for your personal statement. Reblogged to the hive

as a video producer you should check out @threespeak

see you around and good luck!

Hello, how are you? I recommend that for you to have more visits and votes if you speak English after each paragraph, put your translation into any language you want and I assure you that you will have visits from people in other countries in my first publication, I put it in Spanish and in English

so cool 😎

Welcome aboard!

Hive is what Steem should have been. Glad to see you on Hive. Hopefully this becomes a home for those censored mainstream social media platforms.

Big fan of the work you've done over the years, but look, the market decides and Steemit has wrecked their reputation and turned into a place of greed. I'm not here to make money, I'm here to get a message out and recently watching posts get censored on Steemit concerned me greatly.

Also, don't forget that I was the BIGGEST proponent of DTube from the beginning. I was on there the day it launched and brought thousands over being the first media to promote it. But whatever.

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