Our Adorable Pets: Yoda and Pierre

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Good Day Guys

This is Yoda(cat) and Pierre(dog). If there is something that I love taking photos of, it's both of them. I actually didn't expect both of them to be best friends. When Yoda stays in my room and I open the door, Pierre would try and look for him here. And if ever Yoda wants to go out, Pierre would dash to him. It's really cute to see that they are really close.

This is actually something that I always look forward to whenever I come home from work. Pierre is really a jolly dog he would go and greet you whenever I come home, while Yoda is just there staring at you. There are times when Yoda would rub me and I would ask "Are you Hungry?" and he would meow and lead me to his bowl, whenever we give him food, we let him paw our hand and give the food. This cat is too generous because whenever he eats he doesn't finish his food and he leaves some in his bowl, and here comes the clean-up crew named Pierre.



I always feel less stressed out whenever I'm with them, especially when it comes to the petting part. I just love to pet Yoda, because his hair is so fluffy, but petting time with him has a limit because there are times when he would claw you and he would also escape. He's no that kind of cat that stays still.

Petting Pierre is also fun because whenever you stop petting him, he would ask for more by pawing you. He just loves getting pets. And you would see that he's really enjoying it. There are times when he would roll and show his belly.
Pierre is really clingy to Yoda, wherever Yoda is he would look or follow him. I noticed when Yoda is on the couch Pierre would go to the same couch. Sometimes Pierre would give gestures that he wants to play but poor Yoda was there to sleep.
We noticed something, whenever we go to our kitchen Yoda has his own spot, on top of the basket. He would stay there looking outside of the window and there are times when he would meow really loud. I think he also stays there when he wants alone time from Pierre because that basket is really high.

There was also a time where we tried putting on clothes on Yoda. He's really smart because when he feels so uncomfortable with it, he would remove it. I took that photo with him wearing the Santa hat recently.


There are times when we would dress up Pierre too, and it's usually every Saturday. My sister always brings him to church on Saturday. Surprisingly he is really kind and he wouldn't bark at other people. He really enjoys car rides. Whenever we bring him out he would dash to the car and wait for us to open the door for him and hop right in.


Here's an example of how clingy Pierre is. When Yoda was sleeping he went beside him and just lied down on him. I just can't get enough of how cute they are together. I hope that you guys had a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Can relate with having a time limit for petting my cat too. At first he was gentle and in an instant he would just claw and bit me. 😂

Hehehe, that's the perks of having Cat hahaha.

Though their cuteness will always compensate for all the pain that we feel

Thanks for dropping by. Stay safe always!

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