Running in Snowshoes ... Adventures with Lola (Video)

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Yesterday was a beautiful cold but sunny winter day up here on the Rideau, in Ontario Canada. Perfect day for a 10k snowshoe with Lola in the very deep snow.

This is a short video of our adventure.

Do you take your puppy snowshoeing ? I tried cross country skiing but that didn’t go so well. Lola is afraid of the poles. She is also afraid of umbrellas ... but she is fine with snowshoes.

This is a new Trail Lola found a few weeks ago, and it was Alex’s 1st time to join us on our hike, so she was pretty excited to show him the way. She keeps stopping to make sure he is following, and runs back a few times to find him. She is so proud of all her discoveries.

Filmed with my iPhone XR with edits on iMovie. Music from the Copyright Free Music Library.

Lola is such a clown. It’s fun to just film everything, come back to the Lodge and sit and watch her antics as I edit with iMovie. I listen to hundreds of songs searching for the right music to add to the video. Every now and then I find something that syncs up perfectly with her movements. Especially her Happy Tail.


LOLA soo cute 😍 🌷

Yeah. I think so too.

Lola is really beautiful ^_^

I agree

This is a super cute video of LOLA.