My morning walks with Lola

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This is a very interesting article that talks about the fake commutes people are doing to stay healthy during the Lockdown.

I think more and more people are doing this as the secret paths and walkways in my suburban neighborhood are becoming crowded around 6:00 am and 6:00 pm each day. The old 12 hour work day.

Lola and I used to have these places to ourselves. I am noticing snow shoe tracks and other footprints in the very deep snow that I have never seen before.

Are you trying to relive those old work commutes by going for a one hour walk twice a day ? I guess some commutes used to be 2-3 hours each way.... sitting in a car or bus. Do you miss those days ?

I like my commutes these days much better...

Rise of the Fake Commute:




Awww so cuteeee

Yeah it's the same thing here in Wisconsin. All of my favorite trails are heavily crowded now. Also, our little rescue, Ms. Mabel, and I used to have the neighborhood all to ourselves on our morning and lunch time walks. Since last year March, there must be x 10 more dogs in the neighborhood during these walks. Not sure if people just discovered the ability to walk their dogs, or if people have brought more dogs into their lives since COVID...but hey, if the dog has a good home, I'm ok with it