Hive Pets: Lola in the Snow

in Hive Pets4 months ago

Here are a few photos from my morning walk with Lola in the snow.

Lola is an English Cream Golden Retriever from Trout Creek Ontario who loves the Snow.

She will be 2 years old this January. Remember when she was only a puppy ? I guess she still is...

We are going further and further each day. Soon it will be 10km walks.

I am exhausted

Now I need a hot chocolate and maybe some roasted chestnuts on an open fire.

I think this first photo would make a wonderful Christmas card this year.






In 2004 I had a beautiful cream colored golden. he was a wonderful dog always looked to be smiling. I miss him so sad that he passed away 2005. His name was Ash. I think Lola is beautiful.

Yes, my son and I used to be afraid of dogs, .... my wife and daughter wanted a puppy forever. We finally said ok and now we could not imagine life without Lola. She is so gentle and loving.

This is the third pet with the name "Lola" seems to be a very common name. She is just as beautiful as the others.

Welcome Lola!

Oh, I need to meet all these Lola’s and show them to Lola. Maybe we need our own Lola Hive Community. Lol eh !

Lola is gorgeous. ☺