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RE: 300 'Doctors' Try to Cancel Joe Rogan? Events Mirrored by Attempted Execution Of A Radio Host in Uganda For Vax Dissent - Gov Was Proven Wrong!

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Team 'X' cancelling team 'Y' is now outraged team 'Y' is cancelling team 'X' and as team 'Y' cancels team 'X' team 'X' cancels team 'Y' as team 'X' cancels team 'Y' as team 'Y' cancels team 'X' and it just goes on like this as both 'X' and 'Y' act the exact same way yet have convinced themselves of being different.


I don't really see rogan and malone cancelling anyone, they are just trying to put across their points and let people think for themselves.

I said team 'X' and team 'Y'. You filling in the blanks is called 'spin'.

Have a nice day.

Given the context of the post, applying logic it makes sense that you were suggesting that the teams were the characters highlighted in my post. If not then I'm not really sure what you comment means, other than pointing to the futility of trying to cancel people (without actually murdering them. lol).

Once again, you're applying spin, not logic. Logical thing to do is ask a question when you don't understand, then wait for an answer. Unfortunately I don't feel like explaining. It is what it is.

In all seriousness, I highly doubt anyone will take out Rogan (definitely not physically). It's Spotify they're after. Apparently they think they're shareholders or on the board of directors or on the payroll or something and get to call the shots. Rogan does a fine job of brushing this shit off. You're probably more outraged than he is.

I'm not outraged, this is totally par for the course and I wasn't expecting anyone to kill Rogan, though I have had personal death threats just for sharing publicly available scientific studies under a public pro vaccine thread way before COVID19. I'm just wanting to try to fill people in on what has been going on in the vaccine/pharma world that mostly never gets a mention.

No need to explain. I've already proven I have a firm handle on the situation with my initial comment.

But you are still a prick...

Thanks! Anything else I can do for you today?

You sure?

You mentioned a theoretical involving teams X and Y, insisting that any relation to the "pro-covid" and "anti-covid" narratives has nothing to do with what you said.

I for one, (and it seems that most other responders) have no clue what you meant, if not that. & I consider myself to be intelligent enough to read between the lines.

Not even mad, just trying to make sense of what you're trying to say.

Division existed long ago. It's not exclusive to covid. If there's something confusing you, there's always the '?'

You sure?