WTF? Filming license just to post videos on DTube in Malaysia?

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UPDATE: After 24 hours of outrage on the internet, it has been confirmed that the law will be amended to exclude social media users. So we're good for now!

Video content creators in Malaysia beware. In the last few hours, apparently it has been announced that ALL video production in Malaysia, including user-generated content like this one, are prohibited unless you have a FINAS license, which is a filming license that costs RM50,000 (approximately 1.2 BTC or 51,600 HIVE) and requires creators to own a private limited company.

This is clearly censorship to the next level, as the government has full control of what we can or cannot say on the internet, regardless of whether the video is posted on a centralized or a decentralized video platform.


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Very concerning.
Mass passive resistance is required.

Creators don't need a license or a check mark to become a content creator the people who control the things in the world can't silence us no matter who it is I feel bad for everyone in Malaysia they shouldn't have to pay that much to just to upload a simple video, a funny video, a gaming video, or even a vlog to the internet, the government just wants to take everything because they think they can and they think they got the power but it's the people's voices are more powerful than the government itself

well, the full blown content creation of unclassified content by anyone on the internet seems to have woken up the establishment that just because information is freely available does not mean you have the right to post anything without government approval. Mind you I kinda agree on this since there are too many bullshit on the internet these days giving either false information or downright irresponsible content.

But what am I to know what is truly happenning, all i can say is good luck to you.

You have very funny voice. Teach me this voice modulation.

Sadly this is my actual voice 🙁

The government just doesn't know what the hell are they doing anymore.