Lolli, Mocha and Sol the Ducklings - Dunkin' in the Bath - October 12, 2021

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Lolli is a little Chocolate Runner Duckling that recently arrived to join the flock with Satoshi and Tokyo. She was born on August 30th. Mocha is another Chocolate Runner Duckling born on September 13th. Her and her sister Solana (a Golden Hybrid 300 Layer Duckling, also born on September 13th) arrived to keep Lolli company. Here's a video of the three ducklings dunkin' around in the bath.

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Right on I was totally telling my friend about your ducks. @churchoftheway is a new non-denominational martial arts Church that we are going to be doing LED saber-combatives.

Definitely check them out! Only one post but we just got it all set up and running today.

Always cute and lovely. I normally don't their (Lolli, Mocha and Sol) adorable moments. Thanks for shariing. Its lovely always to see them in different mode.

How much bath these little ducklings take, they will catch cold 🥶

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I try for once a day!