Original Photographs & Poem in Praise of Marvelous Nature

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I’ve taken many pictures of birds, in different parts of the world. Below, are some of my favorites, along with a meditative poem in praise of communing with Nature... There is a kind of mysticism to inhabiting the moment & feeling connected to all things 🙏🏽✨

This surreal series, of pink flamingos, was taken at the beach in Paracas, Peru —where I was lucky to spend two months. I gasped at my good fortune, one morning, to witness these dream creatures surrounded by seagulls, resting on wooden posts.


There were nearly a dozen of these fantastic pink works of living art, doing a funny shuffle in the water with their slender, toothpick-like legs as they bobbed their heads in and out of the water.

So long as I did not move too fast, these elegant winged beings allowed me get close enough to take the pictures you see. Ah, the indescribable grace of being granted the trust of a wild creature …


I was grateful to spend some quality time with them by the water.

Below, is a poem of mine, in honor of this ecstatic occasion, and a picture of me at the beach, standing underneath an umbrella of birds, admiring their effortless grace:

Oceanside Epiphany

Stepping outside, it’s not precisely sun we’re after
or the illusion of perfect stillness, but something else
that has to do with the distant riot of children at play
staccato squeals accompanied by the cries of gulls

Or the gentler song of slighter, winged creatures
circling above, frolicking, or pecking at the earth
while the patter of water offers its liquid paean,
and winds tease trees till they shudder with pleasure

This is the quiet pageant we longed to be part of
setting aside our book or papers to vaguely register
ourselves, easing into the pattern, our breath deepening
and our heart slow beating in unison with other things.

Yahia Lababidi


I love your photos. Amazing 👍👍👍

Much appreciated, @ojak :) Have a lovely week 🙏

Love the photos of the flamingos.

Your poem uses evocative language . Well done!

Glad you enjoyed this post 😊

I love your poetry and your photos

Thanks, for your encouragement ✌🏼

Thanks, Tommy :)

Thank you, for your encouragement :) May you walk in Beauty 🙏