Urban lightning over Stockholm, a walk throught the city at night

Cities look quite different with the lights on at nightime, there are less people out in the street and everything can be very quite. While visiting Stockholm, I wanted to find a pub and spend an evening drinking beers but I quickly understood how during week days no one really hangs out to party. People rather stay home quietly until the weekend, then the party is happening, everyone is out, all night long and the city feels a bit different.

So during week days, I wandered the city in the evening with my camera and my tripod looking for cool sceneries to capture. I played with long exposure to create lightrays when possible. Some of the city lightnings were colourful and gave very cool tones to my images. I was captivated, I was very much inspired and focused on capturing Stockholm night vibes that I stayed up late and walked quite a lot till I felt very tired.

In fact, I was so tired I forgot my tripod out somewhere in Stockholm this night!

Enjoy the snaps 😃











Awesome photos.

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