Stripped away

As I said a couple of posts ago, this year I’m gonna try and get my photography mojo back.
A couple of days ago, while I was developing my first roll of film, a long time friend called me and asked me if I’d be willing to go with him on a weekend tour to see some old villages and interview some old men (he’s an historian, working at a museum). Naturally I jumped on the ocasion.


So, this morning, we got in the car and drove some 150km to get to where our tour would begin.
The morning didn’t look too promising, it was cold, raining and foggy but from a photography stand point, it was perfect.
We arrived at some acquaintance of Daniel’s, where we would be spending the night, dropped our stuff and headed for the hills.

The day went on as you would expect it to: laughing, talking, stopping once in a while either to take a photo or a break.




Under normal circumstances, I would have enjoyed the day (not to say that I didn’t) but as we walked, something caught my eye...
It’s a sad view to look at, desolating, fragile but somehow I found myself in that scene.


A lonely tree, stripped of his leaves, without any protection, fragile.
As we stopped to rest for a while, I kept looking at the tree.
The branches looked like hands from a drowning man, reaching to the top, gasping for air, the barb wire around him, like an anchor pulling him deeper into the cold darkness. All of this happening under the watchful crowd of birch trees.


I was wondering how time affects even the strongest. How a strong, beautiful tree in the summer became a fragile, lonely figure in the winter, how time strips away layer after layer leaving the core exposed...
We continued our journey through the hills and forests getting lost a few times ( it’s some kind of a mantra for us: no trip without getting lost).
As we headed back I started noticing patterns.
All the trees were stripped away of leaves but none looked so fragile as that first tree because none of them were alone, surrounded by barbwire.


The cold night came and we were nowhere near our destination so we decided to head back through the woods.
After a few hours we were back in civilisation, taking a selfie.


I’m not a fan of photographing trees but that particular tree stuck with me.
Even now as I’m writing this, it’s in my mind, reaching, trying....


It was a great opportunity to take some good pictures, don't stop doing it.

It was. I wasn’t really in the mood for photography but I really enjoyed the experience

Pozele tale imi starnesc un dor incredibil de viata simpla la tara! 😣

Si mie imi era tare dor de linistea satului si sa ma pierd prin paduri. Din pacate nu am gasit inspiratia necesara sa fac mai multe poze dar nu regret.