Scandinavia- Escape from everyday life

Hi hive friends!
Here are some photos of my last trip in Scandinavia.I was there with some friends and we did a kind of "road trip" - which I really recommend to everyone. We drove off in a car with a lot of luggage and it felt like freedom - unlimited freedom.
Many evenings we would sit by the fire pit we had made and just talk about trivial things. We didn't know what was in store for us the next day. Just a real adventure.
We had planned the trip shortly beforehand and therefore didn't have too high expectations of it - but it was great. For example, one of the highlights was seeing a deer cross the road right in front of us. To run into an animal in the wild and to be so close to it was something very special for me.
Have you ever been to Scandinavia? Or would you go there? Nature lovers will definitely get their money's worth here! :)
I hope you liked my pictures and that I was able to bring you a little holiday feeling home with you!
Have a nice day everyone!


Being from Norway I can say that I'm quite blessed.

Thats great! Thank you for having a look:)

Your photos are really nice. And I believe, a visit to Scandinavia is worth Everytime and money. Hope to visit someday too!

Thank you very much. Yes it is definitly, the nature is amazing!

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wow this is what freedom looks like for me:) the fire at the first photo looks amazing! For how long do you sit there?;);)

Thank you so much! Oh i remember, i think it was like 4 hours! You forget the time when you just sith there and talk:D