🇨🇺 Vintage Cuban Cars/ American Classic Cars ~ “HAVANA - CUBA” 🇨🇺 Part 1

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Hi all 👋🏻


Today I want to show you something special! Some of the amazing VINTAGE CUBAN CARS I saw, and today’s selection will come straight to you from the streets of HAVANA, the capital of CUBA 🇨🇺
As I thought these fine Cars should have a post on their own. 😎💃🏻

Some know I just love 🥰 Classic cars and I have owned myself quite a few over the years. That makes me a classic car enthusiast.
I also restored and fixed them myself… from metal work to the paint job, so you can imagine how EXCITED 🤩 I was and the FUN I had in Cuba seeing all the vintage classic (mostly) American cars.

Hope I can share my excitement with you today 🤩

Most cars, that you see in the streets are American classic cars from the years 1940 to 1960.
Apparently after that Cuba did not get any new cars delivered into the country anymore. And that is one of the reasons that you still see them nowadays.

So as some may know, the Cuban people have tried to maintain the existing cars the best they could over the years. In sometimes very ingenious ways. 😉
It still is a luxury for most to own a car in Cuba.

The Photos in this post are taken with my ‘late’ Canon eos 550D on 18 and 19 October 2019. This journey is also the time my DSLR “died”… and in some photos you do start to see it 😣 but I still will include them as they have some magical moments in them. ✨

As I have collected quite a large amount of photographs from these CARS in CUBA when we traveled to Cuba, so I decided I will write several different posts over the next weeks/ months and show you some of my photographs of these beautiful CARS I saw. This will also include Cars on a beach 🌊🏝😎 Yes, you read that right… on a tropical beach.
Also other parts (towns and cities) of CUBA will be represented in my posts to come, not only Havana.

So stay tuned if you don’t want to miss them 😁💃🏻🇨🇺

ARE YOU READY? Here we go…

Walking around the streets of Havana we come across a road where taxi drivers wait for their fares. Nicely lined up behind each other.
Also local (classic) busses 🚌 can be seen here. The cars come in many different bright colours.

If you look around this is a typical view you will see while visiting Cuba, don’t miss looking at the cars while you are looking at the architecture and design of the buildings, walking from one destination to the next. Do stop once in a while, talk to the people too. They want to share their stories with you.

Along a plaza around midday you can see taxi drivers taking a nap in their cars 🚕😎 it was a warm day and some trees did give some shade…

People gathering, working on their cars together. I see a theme here 😉

Closer up at the FORD TAUNUS. Pretty cool don’t you think?

A view from above… couldn’t be left out… looking over a terrace we see this Chevrolet from 1955.

Here we see a beautiful example of a Pontiac and Dodge standing next to each other, enjoying the sun.

Wandering the streets through old town we see the locals going on with their business… and the classic cars casually passing by 😎
Stop at a crossroad, watch the world go by, you will see the most interesting things.

This is such a stunning Chevrolet Bel Air… Fourth generation (1959–1960) 🤩 my favourite from todays selection. 🥰
What do you think? Which one is yours?

More information about this car and all the different models you can Find in this Website!

It states:
”The Chevrolet Bel Air is a full-size car that was produced by Chevrolet for the 1950–1975 model years. Initially, only the two-door hardtops in the Chevrolet model range were designated with the Bel Air name from 1950 to 1952. With the 1953 model year, the Bel Air name was changed from a designation for a unique body shape to a premium level of trim applied across a number of body styles. The Bel Air continued with various other trim level designations, and it went from a mid-level trim car to a budget fleet sedan when U.S. production ceased in 1975. Production continued in Canada, for its home market only, through the 1981 model year.

The Chevrolet Bel Air, especially its third generation design, has been considered an icon of the 1950s. Well-maintained and preserved examples are highly sought after by car collectors and enthusiasts.”

This car I just had to include, as it was so much fun to see hahaha 😎 located in the arty part of the city. It was modified a bit with artistic features.

Sometimes you have to be quick… to capture an amazing classic car wissing by. It is not in focus, I know, but it is still a cool shot 😇 love the colours.

New and older cars standing along side each other.

Taxi drivers meet at a large square and show their beloved cars… waiting for tourists to go on a tour around the city. All are bright in colours.

Friends meeting up in parks.

Next I was talking to this gentle man, can’t remember his name, but we talked about his car for a bit. How he kept restoring it and how proud he was having this job as a taxi driver and tour guide. He told me that he earns more than a lawyer, doctor or school teacher… doing what he is doing. (Needs to do, to provide for his family) I did hear that statement several times while progressing on our trip.
Then he showed me the following details of his Chevrolet Deluxe 🤩

His proud and joy.

The motor.

The wheels.


Side view.

The owner of this beautiful car.
Sorry about the quality of this photograph, as mentioned before… my camera was dying already at this point. Can you even imagine on a trip like this hahaha 🫣🥺

More about this car and other models you can find In the this website!

It states:
”The Chevrolet Deluxe is a trim line of Chevrolet automobiles that was marketed from 1941 to 1952, and was the volume sales leader for the market during the 1940s. The line included at first a 4-door sedan, but grew to include a fastback 2-door "aerosedan" and other body styles.

It was with this generation that all GM vehicles experienced increased width dimensions to accommodate three passengers on the front bench seat and an additional three passengers on rear bench seat installed vehicles. This was accomplished with the deletion of running board thereby adding additional room inside the passenger compartment.

The original series ran from 1941 to 1948, after which a new body style was introduced for 1949, running through 1952. During the post-war years and continuing through the early 1950s, the Deluxe range was Chevrolet's sales leader, offering a balance of style and luxury appointments unavailable in the base Special series; and a wider range of body styles, including a convertible, Sport Coupe hardtop (starting in 1950), two- and four-door sedans and four-door station wagons.”

And with these last photographs and information…
That’s all for today’s post my friends 😊 it was so nice that you shared in my craze for Classic cars 😎 for a moment.
Cuba and it’s capital is beautiful and really worth discovering on a visit and seeing all these cars makes for a special experience… more posts will follow about Cuba 🇨🇺 and these #oldtimers #classiccar #vintagecar
As promised @heroldius here it is, part 1.

Until next time 😎
Hope you enjoyed my photos and seeing things through my eyes. Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻 Really much appreciated!

Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Tuesday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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Unless stated otherwise: All art and photos used in my posts are taken, created and owned by me. If you wish to use any of my photographs, please contact me first. As I have used some commercially myself. We don’t want that you or somebody else gets into trouble 😉 So please don’t use them without my consent.

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Thank you so much @ifarmgirl for sharing my post in twitter 😎 much appreciated 💃🏻💃🏻🐝

Pleasure is mine :) I was totally fascinated with them💗

Thank you kindly @ifarmgirl 😊

A car mechanic, I'm truly impressed.

Cuba always seems to be synonymous with classic cars (and cigar of course) but I never really thought about why. Now I understand the history behind it. Seems like the ban on imports has worked out well for Cuba in a way

Morning 👋🏻
Car mechanic is more like a hobby for me @livinguktaiwan , I studied engineering and was a draftsman (woman) / architect. 🤓

If someone knows about it and talks about classic cars, CUBA will come up.
Yes, somehow it created the image we have nowadays for Cuba. Pretty cool… hope they will stay.
It just so fits with this beautiful tropical island.
It’s like traveling back in time 😁
It was such an amazing trip!

Have a great day today ☀️

After seeing this, I want to travel to Cuba so badly :D

Thank you so much… that’s nice to hear @pawpawcat
Cuba is just stunning, it’s one of those places everybody should see at least once in their lives 😎
Have a great weekend!

These are amazing cars and you did a really good job with the shots. They look beautiful despite the problem with the camera especially the last photo.

Thank you so much @hopestylist 😁
That’s nice of you to say… it was so sad seeing my camera die along our epic trip… I will have to go back one day hahaha but the memories all will remain. And the photos I do have 😉
Have a wonderful weekend! ☀️

Yeah, you're welcome dear, I truly loved the imperfection in the last photo.

Thank you so much @hopestylist 😁 appreciate it.
I agree with you… it showed so much and still wasn’t perfect in the photography kind of way. Just had to add it.

Yeah and I'm happy you added it. I'm sure that was why I had something better to say😁😁.

You're welcome dear.

Haha 🤓
Thank you kindly @hopestylist 👋🏻😁
Have an awesome weekend!

You are welcome dear, I will have an awesome weekend and I hope you do too🤗💕.

Great to hear. So far it is a great day for me too 😁💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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Thank you so much @pinmapple 😁 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful day further 🐝

it’s great to see some pics about my beautiful Cuba

You are welcome @manuphotos 😁
I so loved my visit there, we saw a lot and traveled around. It is so beautiful. Hope to visit it again one day 😎
Have a great Wednesday!

If you return one day let’s go out to capture more like that

That’s great, I let you know @manuphotos 😎

I think that Cuba is a reserve of old cars that needs to be protected)

It is… you won’t see anything like this anywhere else.
It’s just stunning. 😎
Thanks for your visit @barski

I only had questions about how there were so many rare cars in a country with a very low standard of living and how they ended up in Cuba). But, in part, I got the answers in your article.

Understandable. It is like time traveling.
What I understood talking to people;
In the 1940 until about 1960 they were imported from the USA, back then they were not so expensive of course. Different times, different money.
Suddenly because of many reasons they stopped importing to CUBA around 1960.
The people needed to be inventive as they also didn’t get new parts when something broke. If they wanted to have a car it needed to keep running.
Sometimes it is fun to see how it is all holding up from the inside but not visible from the outside. Or a tractor motor under the hood for example.

Nowadays, cars get in again. But all the old ones from that time remained. Not all are well preserved, but a lot are. And you can admire them at any time while visiting.
Now with tourism picking up (not looking at pandemic times) loads of those cars are used as taxi and with earnings they are fixed up to the standards of now.

Thank you very much for the clarification, these questions arose before, but were forgotten, you reminded me).

You are welcome @barski happy to help a little bit.

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Thank you so much @ecency for the support 😁
Truly much appreciated! Have an amazing day today 👋🏻☀️🐝

Beautiful pics despite your camera was dying... Cool to see all these classic American cars with bright colors. The element I like of this period is the tailfin like on the Chevrolet Bel Air. Great post 👍 Thanks for sharing all these photos.

Thank you so much @heroldius 😎
Yes, that period is truly beautiful. With the tailfins.

You are welcome, happy to share my adventures with classic cars.
Have a great day!

Wow those cars look so cool @littlebee4
I really enjoy your photos through your eyes and your lense 😀
I wish I could drive one of those cars in the future.

Thank you so much @dodovietnam 😁 that’s great to hear.
My wish as well… one day… I want to fix one up and drive it around 🤩 my ultimate goal!
Have a great day further.

😍 I really love vintage things, it's beautiful 💓

Thank you so much @sassycebuana 😁 me too… just love it 🥰

Oh my, these are beautiful vintage! And they are so colorful :)

Thank you so much @ifarmgirl 😁
It was such a treat to wander around Havana and also other parts of Cuba only to find these kind of cars… I just love them 🥰 so beautiful…
Thanks for your visit 😎
Have a great day further 👋🏻☀️

I can feel you had so much fun finding them around during your adventure :) You are so welcome and have an awesome day too.

😁 thanks a lot @ifarmgirl 🥰💃🏻👋🏻

I sure had…

It’s certainly a great era of cars! I don’t think any of the cars nowadays compare to the ones that were made back then. There are granted lots of differences but I prefer the look to those cars over the modern shit that’s out now. Looks like a great time checking these out across Cuba!

Yep, my favourite cars too. Give me even a fixer upper any day, above the modern cars… I make it work and restore it. It was a great time having these cars around.
Thank you so much @cmplxty 😎
Just loved this trip…

I'm so sure they can get cars in Mexico and everywhere else except the United States.
... most of the vintage cars are US cars.
Well done, @littlebee4!

Yes, now they can again. But around the 1960 not I was told.
I saw new cars in the streets too.

It is so great to see so many there @silversaver888 it was like walking in a candy store hahaha lol
Thank you so much 😊 have a great Wednesday today ☀️🐝

Oh my, how many gems you have captured in those photos. I love vintage cars. And Cuba is a treasure chest for that.

Cuba for sure is like a treasure chest @coquicoin 😎
I so was in my element. Love classic cars. They just where everywhere… the amount of photos I took in Cuba, never had so many from a journey hahaha 🤣

I can imagine how many pics you took, hehe
I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday😊

Hehehe 🤭
So far the day is lovely, hope yours to @coquicoin 😊

Mine was fine too. A bit busy in the morning, but I solved some unfinished business. ;)🤗

That’s great to hear, especially the part of some unfinished business.
Good 👍🏻



cool cars 🤗👌👌👌🤗🍷 I want also photography them.

Thank you so much @foxkoit 😁 it was such a cool experience…
Hope you will 🤞🏻Photograph them one day 😎

soon I get my time also 🤗👌👌👌🍷

Good 🍷😉😁 you will…

Taxi in a classic car? I can imagine the feel of it 🙂

Those are beautiful cars, absolutely gorgeous! I am loving the interior shot as well as the cars in general even the buildings are colorfully beautiful.

I will go Chevrolet Bel Air as well plus its my favorite color blue.

Yep, it is just amazing that there are taxi's like this @joetunex 😁 imagine driving in it.
As a tourist going to Cuba, everybody will tell you it is not a good idea the rent a car, whatever car you choose. When you get an accident with it you can be stuck on the island for months on end, until it is resolved in court.
The number one accidents happen with rentals there. The prices are crazy too and you hardly get a good insurance. The roads are also really bad in some places so it is easy to loose control of the vehicle. That is why you see taxi's in all their forms a lot.
We choose to go by foot, local taxi, a collectivo and the bus. Much safer in so many ways. You do meet great people along the way too.

Thank you so so much, I'm glad you like the photographs with the cars and you picked my favorite as well...
It was just a whole next level experience...

You don't want to be stuck in an Island because of the rented car involved in an accident, a holiday can quickly become a nightmare in that regard lol and knowing Insurance companies are very unreliable

Exactly and there it always has to go through a court with a lot of backlog…

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Have a wonderful day further 👋🏻 Keep up the good work!

You're welcome @littlebee4, you deserve it well! Thanks for your constant implication 😊👍
Have a happy buzzy week 🌹

Thanks 😎
Have a happy buzzy week too @hivebuzz team 🐝💃🏻

I love this one...

It is stunning isn't it @afterglow the lights and the caps over it. All the chrome. Going along the seaside.... 🤩
Thanks for your visit and opinion 😎 nice to know what others like!

Stunning indeed (^_^)

Thanks 😊
Have a wonderful Wednesday today 👋🏻

I love the fact that the taxis are all beautiful classic cars ❤️ What better way to tour a tropical island?


Indeed… what a way to discover Cuba 😉😎
Thanks @wrestlingdesires for visiting! I so loved this trip for many reasons and the classic cars is one of them.
Have a great evening 👋🏻

Will you be going back? It's easy to see you enjoyed yourself 🙌

Yes, I will go back one day for sure 😁 I loved visiting Cuba and enjoyed it a lot.
Have you been?


No, but I've heard good things :)


It’s great to visit… hope you can one day 🤞🏻😎
Have a great evening further!

they are really classic cars like you said. they have that old shape but still are a beauty

Thank you so much @seyipaul2 😎 they are beauties indeed.
It was such a great holiday and an amazing experience to have been able to do this.
Have a wonderful day today! 👋🏻

I miss cars having zero computer chips. Radios with push buttons that would physically drag the red frequency indicator. And big springy bench seats.. ahhh. Wonderful display of car art. Thanks for the tour.

Yep, me too @nthtv 😎 you still could work on them with just a few tools. 🧰
Thank you so much and you are so welcome 😊 happy to share my travels.
Have a great day further!

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Thank you so much @pinmapple and @LivingUKTaiwan for the honourable mention 😁 much appreciated!
Have a great day!

Classic Vintage!!!

Thanks for you visit @artsbreezy01 😁 they are truly some beauties…

Always boss!! Such lovely scenes

Thanks 😎
Have an amazing Friday 👋🏻 Soon it is weekend again 🥳


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