Waterfalls - my entry to PhotoFeed Theme Contest - Waterfall Photography (13)

When I hear the word "waterfall", instantly in my mind pop the memories from visiting some of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Europe - those in Iceland.

In fact, THE biggest European waterfall is exactly there - in the magical small island country, called Iceland, though I assure you, there is plenty of green covering the lands there, as you will see from my photos ;)

The first picture from that set is my entry to "PhotoFeed Theme Contest - Waterfall Photography (13)" by @photofeed , thanks so much :) Again, I almost missed to participate.

Better late than never, as wise men say :D

By the way, check out the tiny silhouettes of the people, for scale. Some of the thousands waterfall there are truly huge!!!










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Competition, huh?
You did an awesome job, like always and it is really hard to miss with Iceland :)
Wish you good luck at the contest!

Of course! :) Everyone's perspective is unique!
Thanks a lot, likewise, good luck! :)

Iceland😍 Think I need to participate as well within this competition, is it still possible to join?

Yes, you have to participate! :D
To be honest, I also tried to see when is the deadline but couldn't find that info. I suppose it is before the payoff of the post. Perhaps @photofeed could shed some light upon that question for you? ;)

I especially love waterfalls wherever they are. The waterfall you took is so beautiful.

Thank you! :)


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Amazing captures! Love the ones from seljalandsfoss 😍😍 Can’t wait to return to Iceland! 😀👍

Ah, me too, me too, buddy!

I saw you've fulfilled one of my travel-dreams - to go to Iceland in the winter :)
That winter capture of the fall is definitely a winner! ;)

Thank you very much! 😀🙏

It was not easy to get there with all the ice and photo gear but I’m glad I managed to do it. I was there last year during lockdown and the place was desolated.

If you have the chance of doing so I would definitely recommend going in winter. 😀👍

Thanks for sharing that info! Trust me, it's on my bucket list :D

Let's try this, could be fun:
!giphy iceland

Невероятно найстина,нямам думи много красиво поздравления 🙂✌️

I love waterfalls, and especially photographing them, and the waterfalls you captured are amazing.

Thanks so much :)

I rally enjoy the variety of shots you have here, each one has their own creative flare about them. Well done!

Thanks a lot! :)
As always, it's quite hard for me to choose the right/best photo to enter a contest :D

Genuine natural beauty 🤩

What a beautiful post!

Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)

Nice rainbow jump picture! Did you have to Photoshop many people out of that picture? 😅

Hahaha, actually it was all very polite as people were standing patiently in a long queue :)
Thanks :)

Yay! 🤗
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