Some of my favorite landscapes

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I decided to share some of the nicest landscape photos I took, not only in South America but on my travels overall. I really liked landscape of all the countries I visited during my South American trip. It can just hardly get better than these beautiful lagoons I am presenting below today. I would say, only Iceland can be compared with this landscape, but that is just my opinion and I would be happy to read what do you think about it and feel free to share some of your favorite landscape photos as well. You can do that in the comment section below, or in separate post. I will be happy to go through them.

Wish you a great evening!










Is this atacama desert?

For a moment I thought these were more photos of Iceland, in which country did you take these photos?

In the second photo you can see the reflection of the mountains and the clouds, it is an amazing effect. In the last photos the sky is simply spectacular, in one of them the clouds seem to move away from the place where you take the picture so we can appreciate the blue of the sky.

Amazing work man.

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All of ur photo are amazing!!

My personal favourite would be this one


Oh so nice, difficult to find words to describe.

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Amazing scenery!

What can i say you always come up with the most amazing landscapes spot on buddy 👍

Mazing photos, nice post

Stunning high altitude by the look of it from lack of greenery, balanced between mountain with sky and water, photo with cloud reflection excellent.

Sky with wind blown clouds above, oh boy!

Love your works!Some of your destinations remind me of my country New Zealand like these and the shots of Iceland.
Thanks also for supporting my posts as a curator!